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  1. @DiDA Update is out on iOS. Looking forward to your great work again.
  2. @DiDA New update is out. Looking forward to your great work once again.
  3. @DiDA Kabam just pushed out a new update. EDIT: As expected new version doesn't work with current version of the hack.
  4. Ok, I got it. Sorry, excitement got the best of me lol. Thanks again!
  5. Hey @DiDA, I was able to install the hack and logged in but I don't seem to know how to summon the in-game menu? And is it correct that the hack is only 275kb? Thanks!
  6. This is a great improvement. Now we don't need to exit the app and re-enable / disable some cheats to avoid detection. This is seriously a game changer!
  7. Never used OHK for 5.2 but the enemy don't attack one. Lol, yeah after the announcement of 6 stars and the new Alliance wars map (which sucks, no defender rating etc), I think I'm ready to go. I'm just going to ride this for as long as I can but still leaning on the safe side. Not buying anything since I've modded though.
  8. I think it was after Hyperion became a basic champ for arena. I also 100% shortly after. Way before the ruckus about the mods and the ban wave. I have also been banned for 1 week but that's probably for using VPN to get a deal exclusive to another country. Anyway, nothing's guaranteed that I won't get the hammer sooner or later.
  9. You will want to stay away from 5.3 for now as it will be closely monitored since it's new content. I have already finished the first 2 quests using OHKO and no messages or bans so far. However I did it quite sporadically. I also have a really high account and have spent good money on it. I will likely go through 5.3 for completion, and I will only use Enemy Don't Block on the last quest. Hopefully, I don't raise some red flags. Arenas are safe with OHKO. However, I'd be wary to use them on AQ/AW. For the safest bet, use Enemy Don't Block although it can be tricky to bait Specials then you find yourself eating a Special 3. All good though since you will not raise any suspicion from Alliance mates and the other team since you're taking damage. Having a power control champ works great in this regard. Obviously this is for the VIP hack but since we're having the evading ban discussion here, might as well do it here.
  10. @DiDA New update for iOS is out. Looking forward to your great work again, thanks!
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