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  1. 还会发V3 PLUS吗,表示大号已封

    1. kidx3llz


      he not answering...

    2. slentcc


      Yes, he estimated that he would like to sell.

      Can he send an Apple Jailbreak PUBG HACK to me?

      Email: [email protected]

      Thank you very much

    3. Gnenral11
  2. Sent you a message on Discord ;)

    1. Fadexz


      You should use PMs to message him not status updates lol.

    2. enominepatreespiretusante


      You should use PMs to message him not status updates lol.

    3. gargparas49
  3. no,i told you how to change setting of magisk,and i wont update any thing of this.a very few people have this mistake not hundreds.
  4. oh you use magisk,this problem from root management of magisk,you need change mount namespace mode in super user setting,just change to other mode. Or try no root way.
  5. I swear it(V3) can work in 0.5.0 now but I will upload my final update(V3 Plus)for pubgm hack project end.
  6. its impossible,i using it now xd,do you want my record?you sure your mobilephone is snapdragon cpu?if not,try linehax and magic kill.
  7. mad jeep have some problem in 0.5.0 i believe.linehax working when enemy wear helmet.crash is bypassing memory detection of pubgm,need restart game.every features can work without mad jeep.
  8. mean my hack finish its task lmao( life end),it wont run again that I set,and you can delete it.It just a test demo……
  9. app setting -force stop yes just app lock not system lock mean my verification server cant connect your country
  10. np no function lead ban,my level is 20 now,and I kill 30+people in every match
  11. np……just some function of snapdragon cpu. Congratulations on your ban,you guy must got device id ban in past lmao
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