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  1. Blitz brigade?

  2. sharing is caring do you know how to get round this massage? and iv been banned so i cant even test
  3. im thinking this modified check is server sided so i dont think i can remove the message. Dont bother downloading this its a waist of time. Maybe wait to see if shmoo finds away round this problem and download his hack.
  4. oh yes i see im getting this message now too ganna have to find a way to stop this message poping up your not banned just turn off the hacks and it will load up just till i get this sorted
  5. Iv added the thinned binary already for everyone in the deb file when you install the hack go to your documents inside should be a blitz brigade folder go in there and copy and past the blitz file to var/mobile/container/bundle/applications/blitz/blitz.app
  6. Haha yeh that sounds like me lol gotta be done if you like to win gems
  7. Sorry, your have to wait for shmoo's hack. i cant make hacks for ios9 for some reason. it just wont work.
  8. Blitz Brigade 2.2.1 Hack DONT DOWNLOAD YOU WILL GET BANNED Please reply and thank me, if you like this hack Enjoy Requirements: Jailbroken iDevice Cydia Substrate iFile Cracked App Thinned Binary (provided in the deb file) Features: Super Hack: max fire rate, damage, range, inf jetpack & stealth Float / Fly controllable Ammo Amount controllable Jump Height controllable Movement Speed Instructions: install cracked app then Download my .deb below for ios 7 & 8 download: [Hidden Content] Put it into iFile Choose .deb & Press Installer go into your Documents/Blitz Brigade 2.2.1 & copy blitz file to your blitz.app folder & overwrite the file Turn on hacks in settings app Launch blitz brigade Note: there are tutorials on iosgods to help you with cracking the app. Tested on: ios 7.x.x , 8.x.x not working for ios 9! Warning!! as like with any online hack there is always a chance of getting banned. use with causion. Credits to: MrDemoManHax SHMOO & DIDA for there help in previous version. Thanks Dudes.
  9. Why would i need your offsets? its easy enough to find them. To many people on here release shit and when someone else post something similar they think you robed them. Your not the only person that can hack bro. especially an easy game like gta.
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