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  1. Item Duplication - Works Infinite Item Durability - Doesn’t Free Crafting - Works Infinite Coins/Skill Points - Works Unlock All Blueprints - Doesn’t High Level/Unlock All Blueprints - Works Player Speed - Works Lootbox 1 for 1000 - Untested Items Increase When Taken - Doesn’t Unlimited Energy - Works Bow One Hit Kill - Doesn’t Some features that didn’t work last update worked in this one.
  2. I can confirm what he said. I even tried activating the hack during a match and while it didn’t freeze, you couldn’t attack the enemy and the enemy couldn’t attack you.
  3. Can confirm that crafting does not work. iOS 11.2.6 iPhone 7 Plus. Speed also does not work.
  4. Everything is working just fine, wym
  5. Same. You can also modify the exp without getting banned as well as other things.
  6. Like, modifying the gems directly? Because when I did that, I got banned. So far I haven't been banned for using the chest hack though.
  7. I think modifying gems is what leads to banning. I did the same and I got banned a day after
  8. Bump! This game looks awesome! It'd be nice to have it hacked
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