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  1. Hello, as the title says I need someone who is willing to do me a favor. Regarding the game Cash Inc, I am not jail broken so I can’t hack diamonds and ect in the game, and neither do I have a jail broken device around me. Although I’ve seen some people do this in the pass, have someone sync they’re hacked game progress to their Facebook and then use it. Can someone who who is jail broken sync a modded game progress to my Facebook account so I can use it...? Please? Like tons of diamonds will do the game is Cash Inc
  2. @ZahirSher can you add One Hit KO? That was really helpful back a few updates ago I stopped playing ever since
  3. Hello, is there any work in Pokémon Go hack because the Pokémon Go I got from Tweakboxapp.com it works but NO Pokémon show up ever. Also on android it says "Fail to Detect Location" while using Fly GPS how to fix this? Is there like a working method for Android or Apple
  4. Ok so here's what the issue is. So I downloaded Tutu App on my non-jailbroken iPhone 6s Plus (iOS 10.2.1) so during the first 2 or 3 days of me using Snapchat++ from Tutu App it was working just fine, now it always crashes & NEVER works when the "tweak" is activated. So when I go in Snapchat++ it says "Crashed! It looks like there was a crash! This newer version of the app might not be supported by the tweak YET. Downgrade the app with App Admin until the tweak is updated to continue using the tweak" Then it gives 3 options "Downgrade, Try Again , or Cancel" The app was working just fine in the same update when I first got it. and "App Admin" is for Jailbroken devices so...When I click "Try Again" the app crashes . It was working JUST FINE when I first got it, I tried uninstalling Snapchat++ then reinstalling and nothiing still crashes....why?
  5. Name of app you want hacked: Rise of Berks Version of the app: 1.27.8 iTunes URL for the app: https://appsto.re/au/MJkYN.i Requested features: -Free Store (like LocalIAPStore but that's for jailbroken) or -Cracked Store purchases (can purchase something that cost $ then cancel and still works) Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Non-Jailbroken My old 6s+ 9.3.3 Jailed got damaged & replaced with new 6s+ with pre-loaded iOS 10.2.1 on it so shsh2 blob not available to downgrade D: and now I can't get Unlimited Runes or purchase Premium Packs that cost money now cause don't got LocalIAPStore Thank you!
  6. Is it possible to bypass purchase screen for free with non jailbroke iOS 10.2.1 ? Like LocalIAPStore does but that's for jailbroken devices and i I don't mean pre-hacked games I mean in-app purchase bypass
  7. What's shsh2 blob though? I had a 6s Plus iOS 9.3.3 jail broken but damaged it so Insurance replaced it and my new 6s Plus is iOS 10.2.1 How do I see if I saved a blob lol? My 6s Plus came brand new out of box three days ago so idk
  8. Hello, is there ANY possible way I can downgrade my 6s Plus iOS 10.2.1 down to 10.2 because I can't do this no jailbreak D: people are saying shsh2 blob what is that?
  9. Hello, I just got my replacement 6s Plus 128GB and it's iOS 10.2.1, my last 6s Plus was iOS 9 and it was semi-tethered jailbreak. Is there any jailbreak for iOS 10.2.1 6s Plus (64bit) if if so provide link please
  10. Is there a way to receive coins after auto collect is turned on because you need to upgrade last upgrade beyond auto-collect so you can get the Prize Box bonus revenue on the income because with infinity coins you can only get up to xxx.xxJJ until auto collect is required to turn on but u can't turn it on because then you won't receive also is there like godmode or one hit ko? Or double ascend always enabled or something Also good hack bro!
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