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  1. Hi all, So I'm new here and new to i-Pad as well. When I went to buy my pad-pro, i asked the vendor some basic questions he didn't know how to answer: 1. As someone who is used to Windows, I was looking for a simple way to learn about the apps on the i-Pad. When where they installed? Who's their parent company? How much do they weight. The seller said it's possible to know all this things but couldn't find how to reach it. Could you help out? 2. One step further, I was looking for i-Pad parallel function of Window's "Task Manager" (Ctrl+Alt+delete) and "Run" (Win + R)? 3. Does the i-Pad has a parallel function for Windows Command Prompt or the Registry? The vendor said i-Pad doesn't have any of those, because it's not a computer. He eventually said the i-Pad has no back office and so it's not suitable for any coding or advanced stuff. I ended up delaying the purchase, but I'm sure the info I got is very lacking. So could you beef me up with some proper knowledge pls? Peace, CG P.S, If this is not the place to ask these kind of questions, i'm sorry and ask you kindly to direct me to the suitable forum. TNX again!
  2. Thank you @Zahirfor you kind welcome. I have searched the link you sent but and did find Photoshop express. https://app.iosgods.com/store/appdetails/1998-photoshop-express-photo-editor-modded Thanks for that! But since I-pad-Photoshop is already a watered down version, I'm almost certain a watered down express version won't be enough for professionals use. Is it possible to request a hack for the full version of Photoshop for iPad? And also, what's iPhoneCake?
  3. Hi guys, I'm new to Apple and pretty noob in general. But i'm going to get an I-pad pro M1 11inch for a vary bizare reason. So there's a good chance i'm going to be glued to you like a baby to his mama. Happy that this place exist! Thank you Common P.S. Can anybody help me post my first "hack request"? Is it even possible for a newbie? I actually been looking for this kind of fix - It says this request got solved but can't see where?
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