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  1. Help/Support error cpp:557

    help me how to fix Zip.cpp:557 IPA Not a zip archive
  2. help me how to fix Zip.cpp:557

    IPA Not a zip archive

    1. DiDA


      Redownload the file. Likely corrupted during download.

    2. eatsomeshit


      i already saw on help support but btw thankyou 👍

  3. okay thankyou 🤗 and how about my request haha 🙊🙊🙊 infinite Heart 🧐🤔🤔🤔
  4. save the planet and kill your self 

    1. C H U C K Y

      C H U C K Y

      No worries. Earth-chan is aware of it LUL


  5. yes i use it before and its working but now not working always loose if enemy weak or strong everytime loose nxt update please fix it thankyou 😊 PS: Be patient for my english
  6. @DiDA nxt update please fix the god mode on melee vs because always loose on arena and always loose the points last hack god mode is working here
  7. thanks dida how about non-jailbrokendevice? you can release today?
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