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  1. Yeah but do whatever you can, appreciated as long as the hack works. @Zahir
  2. I faced this error in hitman sniper,need for speed most wanted and grand theft auto III @Zahir and btw I don’t think re-uploading them will fix this issue cuz this error is due to the authenticator being old or something.
  3. I tried some things removed all pirated tweaks and repos from my device and i found that changing ssh password can also help in these situations but i dont know anything about that can you please help me with it or link to a tutorial would appreciate alot
  4. Ok but how do i figure out which tweak caused this so i dont install it again and i am new to this so please don’t mind but i don't even know what is a cracked/pirated tweak is it which you install from illegal/pirated repository or paid tweaks installed for free from another source like cydown?
  5. No @Laxus but i got the same issue just used his screenshot and yeah didn’t found a solution to the issue there.
  6. Hi,I recently ran into this problem where it shows something unknown accessed my camera recently in the control centre I think it has something to do with the tweaks I have installed after jailbreaking my device or something because it didn’t happen before.Normally if i open my camera app then it would show that i opened my camera recently or if some app did it then it would show its name and i would know its happening but this is happening without me knowing it and it also shows *unknown* so i cant figure anything out if someone knows anything about this please help me out.
  7. Name of the game you want hacked: Call of Duty: Mobile Version of the game: 1.0.26 iTunes Link for the app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/call-of-duty-mobile/id1287282214 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Any Requested Features: Any free hacks/cheats/offsets with antiban if possible
  8. I made a post about this error about a week ago with hitman sniper it is also happening with need for speed most wanted and some other old apps according to @Rook when ever i try to login to iosgods in the app it gives error 404 and without logging in we cannot play the game i was told it would be fixed but its been days and it hasn’t been fixed and it’s really frustrating that i cannot play my fav games with mods anymore just cuz they are old please fix this issue as soon as possible,thanks.
  9. Oh i see please try to update it if you can and yes im jailbroken but I don’t know how to use jodebox.
  10. So any updates on the matter? I would really appreciate if the bug gets fixed sooner than later man
  11. Hi first of all i am new to iosgods and I recently downloaded hitman sniper using iosgods app and it worked just fine in the start but now whenever i open it and try to login to iosgods (which is required to activate the hack/cheat) it says 404 page not found and i cant seem to find another way to login to iosgods in the app and without logging in there is just no way to play the game it just quits after i click “i understand” as in the attached screenshot you can see
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