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  1. I'm using everything online. But ofk offline is safer
  2. All the hacks now granting teapot but no one knows when you will get it day-week-month. 1 acc got banned in 2 days. Playing more than week hacking all I can on another and still no "teapot"
  3. Please try searching right after update. E.g. if you have 16 mana wait till 17 and search. You will have about 30 seconds to find value or it will update to 18( in my example)
  4. It's tap Titans 2 hack. All you need is Game gem/igameguardian/game player Game "tap Titans 2" [Hidden Content] And boom!) Congratulations you have unlimited mana which is really useful with such low cool downs on skills in this game!
  5. There's easier way! In AppStore downgrade to latest version(no matter even if you already have it) it will RE download app, buy 14000 gems with locaiapstore then go AppStore and tap downgrade to latest version, no need going to first version and having "please update" message. Downgrading to latest will just reinstall app so trick with localiapstore will work.
  6. Done this not during tutorial. Worked twice for me.. Don't know how. Once for 1200 diamonds (missclicked it) and another time for 14000. Can't get the pattern.... But thx anyway.
  7. Gold is hack able as well by this method but not gems. That's sad. Thanks for the hack!
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