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  1. Just to update the post. After wasting my time trying to find a solution to my problem talking to so many Verizon tech support and getting no answers, I decided to systematically go through every setting and sub setting on the iPad and ultimately found the problem. Since fixing the problem, I can't seem to duplicate the process for getting to the setting that I found the solution, duh! But what I can tell you is that the problem was because an option to enable VPN on demand was enabled. Once I turned that off, it was fixed and haven't had issues since. I've tried to find that setting again but I can't locate it, I'm sorry about that but I wanted to thank you for your help.
  2. Hey man, thanks for your time. So my software version (settings>general>about) is 13,6.1. All 3rd party games are effected but in particular the games i play are Golf Rivals, Word Domination, and Animation:Throwdown. Each will let me initiate the app and even collect daily rewards, open unlocked chests and such but once I attempt to initiate an actual game like a round of golf with another player, it tells me to check my internet connection or disconnects me from the server, I have my iPad backed to the iCloud service. I don't think i've ever logged into the itunes app. It's not one of the installed apps currently on my iPad. So should I still attempt it? Thanks again for your help.
  3. So I've had my IPad (6th Generation) for over a year. It was a side deal that was offered to me by Verizon when I upgraded my phone last. It's has worked great for all this time until about a week ago when suddenly I couldn't play any of my 3rd party games on it. Every game I try tells me to check my internet connection, or just starts to load then tells me that I have been disconnected from the server. Here's the weird thing though. I am connected to the internet because I can start up a YouTube video and watch it, and all of the games that will not let me actually play the game, will let me collect daily rewards, check mail, and such from inside the game's app. I tried first resetting the router and rebooting the iPad which did nothing. then i went through the list of resets in the iPad's settings one by one before finally completely erasing and resetting the iPad to factory defaults. Once that was done, I logged into find all my Icons still on screen, which seemed odd for a factory reset but like i said I'm new to apple. The iPad still won't let me play my games but will let me do most of the other internet things like check email, watch videos, news, etc. I also disconnected from my home network and connected to verizon android phone's hotspot and it does the same thing so I'm at least half way certain it is an iPad issue and not my internet service. But why am I able to watch you tube video, yet not play games online like Golf Rival, Words w/ Friends, or 8-ball pool? I have tried contacting customer service at Verizon since I'm still paying it off with them but those people are quite literally stupid. It was like talking to a stump so I'm at this point desperate for any help i can find. Thanks
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