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  1. 11 minutes ago, chaos2nirvana said:

    gocha, so ladders globally arranged

    Thanks goodness i had a head start xD  Everyone who started today going have to grind their booty off to compete :p 

  2. 1 minute ago, chaos2nirvana said:

    really? I started from the beginning in the global server.

    yea but if you check top clans they're exactly like the one on the japan server 

  3. Just now, chaos2nirvana said:

    Oops, the global version released? I just found it in Canada Store.

    P.S. @xiaov god xiaov are u gonna released a hack for it LUL

    me 2 Lol I waiting for the game to come online


    We Should all make a clan together :p 



    Open Gaara Practice+2
    Need Gaara Character Prachice +9 and Gaara Practice+1
    New blood: commander
    Add 50000HP and get new skin! 
    Need material: Guardian of the people*1
    New Orange Exclusive equipment: Gaara White scarf(need Gaara Practice+2)

    Gaara Practice+2 Event On October 18th

    Ninja introduction-—Gaara

    He is the 1 Tailed Jinchuriki. Due to the 1 Tailed Shukaku being sealed in his body since he was young,people are afraid of him. He was very cool,ruthless and loved killing others due to having been betrayed by immediate relatives. After having a fight with Naruto Uzumaki,he gradually got rid of the demons inside him under the influence of Naruto. Finally he became the 4th Kazekage,leading Sunagakure. When his Tailed Beast was deprived by Akatsuki,he lost HP,but later he was revived by Chiyo Granny. He played an important part in the 4th Ninja World War,by fighting hard against Madara Uchiha,as one of the Kage.

    How to get:
    Gaara Chakra composition

    Initial star :3 star
    Bloodline:Taijutsu,Wind Release,Earth Release,Sand Release

    Final Blow:Karura's Protection
    It will provide teammates with a shield to absorb damage. The effects will last for 2 rounds.

    Passive skill:Catnap
    Need Bloodline: Karura's Power
    Equip it to significantly increase HP, Taijutsu Attack, Taijutsu Defense, Ninjutsu Attack and Ninjutsu Defense

    Active Skill:Desert Funeral Seal
    Two rank Damage
    Need Bloodline:Karura's Power,Sand Release
    Need Chakra :450
    Deals Ninjutsu damage on enemies in a vertical row. When the enemy is struck by the Time-space Shift twice, the combination skill 【Time-space Shift】 will be triggered.

    Bloodline Card:Karura's Power
    Open on 5star
    Bloodline Card,Equip to increase Hp and Ninjutsu Defence,Taijutsu Defence

    new Passive skill:Shinobi World War- Sandfall Shukaku
    Need Bloodline:commander and Shukaku
    equip to increase a large number of Hp Taijutsu Attack Taijutsu Defense Ninjutsu Attack Ninjutsu Defense And all the skills will be cast according to their own Ninjutsu Attack to increase the damage of attacks.

    new Active Skill:Sand Rain-Real gun
    Need Bloodline:commander and Shukaku
    Need Chakra :700
    Area Ninjutsu damage and increases Ninjutsu Taijutsu Defense for Teammate use Gaara Ninjutsu Attack

    new Bloodline Card:commander
    Open when Gaara Practice+2
    Bloodline card,equip to increase HP,Ninjutsu Attack,Ninjutsu Defence,Taijutsu Attack,Taijutsu Defence

    Bloodline Card:Shukaku
    Open when Gaara seal 1 Tailed Shukaku 
    Bloodline card, equip to increase HP,Ninjutsu Defence,Ninjutsu Attack

    Assign Bonus:
    Gaara to the blue zone to add Ninju.DEF 700/1400/2500(3 star/4 star/5 star)
    Gaara to the red zone to add Ninju.ATK 700/1400/2500(3 star/4 star/5 star)

    Gaara White scarf:
    Jewelry equipment ,equip to increase Hp。
    Increases extra 5000 Ninjutsu Attack for Gaara
    Send Gourd:
    Weapon equipment, equip to increase Taijutsu Attack。
    Equip with Gaara, to increase Ninjutsu Attack by 3,000, Ninjutsu Defence by 3,000
  5. Just now, chaos2nirvana said:

    u sure? I thought it would need a cellphone to retrieve a verification number to create an account, isnt it?

    Its just email and putting in fake areas and numbers  xD 

  6. Just now, chaos2nirvana said:

    definately gonna try the global one

    Me too xD I wanted some experiences so i play the japan server :p Got my clan up to rank 55 on their so i'm pretty happy  



    Open Itachi Uchiha Practice+2
    Need Itachi Uchiha Character Prachice +9 and Itachi Uchiha Practice+1
    Add 50000HP and get new skin!
    Need material: Double agent*1
    New blood: Genjutsu mastery
    New Active Skill:strengthen-Shackling Stakes Technique
    Need Bloodline:Genjutsu mastery
    Need Chakra :700
    Area ninjutsu damage skill,Have 100%【MAX】chance to stun the enemy for the 3 round,And to make the next 100% damage to the enemy

    New Passive skill:Mirror heaven and earth to turn
    Need Bloodline:Genjutsu mastery
    Equip this card will be rebound any skill, damage as their own hurt 【before damage reduction】 44%, depending on the skill level and effect to enhance the quality of ascension, autoimmune injury 28% and death does not trigger a rebound effect, enemy bounce back injury can not rebound again and will not rebound skills produced by any buff


    Itachi Uchiha Prachice+2 Event On ovember 17th

    Ninja introduction-—Itachi Uchiha

    Ninja——Itachi Uchiha
    Traitor of the Uchiha Clan,he killed everyone except Sasuke. He has powerful Mangekyo Sharingan,Dojutsu Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. He joined Akatsuki and became a dinting of Konoha. Later he was defeated by Sasuke because of his health problems. When Sasuke found out the truth from Obito,Sasuke changed his mind and tried to take revenge on Konoha. During the 4th Ninja World War,he showed up through dirt reanimation,but he got rid of Kabuto's control with the help of the strongest Genjutsu Kotoamatsukami. He helped Naruto seal Nagato and trap Kabuto by using Izanami,then he relieved everyone from dirt reanimation.

    How to get:
    Itachi Uchiha Chakra composition

    Initial star :3 star
    Bloodline:Taijutsu,Genjutsu,Fire Release,Water Release,Thunder Release,Sharingan,Mangekyo Sharingan (Itachi)

    Final Blow:Susanoo
    A genjutsu skill that attacks an enemy at random,adds taijutsu and genjutsu defense and converts your normal attacks into genjutsu damage for a 75% chance to cause up to 2-3 times the damage.

    Active Skill:Amaterasu
    Need Bloodline:Mangekyo Sharingan (Itachi)
    Need Chakra :300
    Cause mass ninjutsu damage and burn enemies to death. (Can exist with other burning skills; cannot be cleared.)

    Passive skill:Genjutsu Master
    Need Bloodline:Mangekyo Sharingan (Itachi)
    Increases HP and raises Genjutsu Defense by 9,999,999。 【It won’t be counted as battle points and takes effect when the battle starts.】

    Active Skill:Sly Mind Affect
    Need Bloodline:Advanced Genjutsu
    Need Chakra :500
    Single genjutsu attack, transfers your normal attack to genjutsu damage for 3 rounds。

    Passive skill:Izanami
    Need Bloodline:Mangekyo Sharingan (Itachi), Advanced Genjutsu
    Equip it to weaken the enemy's attack by 50%。 The effects last for 2 rounds

    Bloodline Card:Mangekyo Sharingan (Itachi)
    Bloodline card, equip to increase HP, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu Attack
    Bloodline Card. Only one Bloodline Card of the same attribute can be equipped at the same time。 This Bloodline Limit is only available for Itachi Uchiha.

    Bloodline Card:Mangekyo Sharingan (Itachi)
    Bloodline card, equip to increase HP, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu Attack
    Bloodline Card. Only one Bloodline Card of the same attribute can be equipped at the same time。 This Bloodline Limit is only available for Itachi Uchiha.

    Yasaka Beads:
    Equip Jewelry
    Card quality:orange
    Exclusive equipment for Itachi Uchiha
    Equip to increase Ninjutsu Attack Power
    Equip with Itachi Uchiha to increase HP by 5,000, Ninjutsu Attack by 2,000, Genjutsu Attack by 2,000

    Totsuka Blade:
    Weapon equipment
    Card quality:orange
    Exclusive equipment for Itachi Uchiha
    Equip to increase Taijutsu and Genjutsu Attack
    Equip with Itachi Uchiha to increase HP by 20,000, Genjutsu Attack by 3,000, Ninjutsu Attack by 3,000

    Vermilion Ring:
    Equip Jewelry
    Equip to increase HP
    Equip Itachi Uchiha to receive 2800 HP

    Assign Bonus:
    Itachi Uchiha to the blue zone to add Genju.DEF 700/1400/2500
    Itachi Uchiha to the red zone to add Ninju.ATK 700/1400/2500
    Itachi Uchiha to the yellow zone to add Genju.ATK 700/1400/2500

    Itachi Uchiha‘s bond:
    Brothers——Sasuke Uchiha,Itachi Uchiha(Maigic Attack 20%/30%/40%)
    Itachi and Kisame——Hoshigaki Kisame,Itachi Uchiha(HP 20%/30%/40%)
    Revenge——Itachi Uchiha,Orochimaru(Maigic Attack 10%/15%/40%)
    Combination Of Dirt——Itachi Uchiha,Nagato Uzumaki(HP 20%/30%/40%)
    The Hope Of Uchiha——Itachi Uchiha,Shisui Uchiha(HP 20%/30%/40%)
    Izanami——Itachi Uchiha,Sasuke Uchiha,Yakushi Kabuto(Ninjutsu Attack 20%/30%/40%)
    Sacrifice——Itachi Uchiha,Danzo(Ninjutsu Attack 20%/30%/40%)
    The Betrayal Of Justice——Itachi Uchiha,Hiruzen Sarutobi(HP 20%/30%/40%)
    Brilliant——Itachi Uchiha,Madara Uchicha(Ninjutsu Attack 30%/40%/50%)


    Open Shisui Uchiha Practice
    Need Shisui Uchiha Character Prachice +9
    New blood: Susanoo Shisui
    Add 50000HP and get new skin!
    Need material: Shisui Uchiha's left eye*1

    Headband of moon:
    Head gear
    Equip to add Ninjutsu Defence
    Increases extra 3000 Genjutsu Attack ,3000 Ninjutsu Attack for Madara Uchiha,Obito Uchicha,Sasuke Uchiha,Itachi Uchiha,Shisui Uchiha 

    Open Mu Practice
    Need Mu Character Prachice +9
    New blood: Conceal
    Add 50000HP and get new skin!
    Need material: Will of stone*1

    Knitted headband
    Jewelry equipment, equip to increase HP 10000,Equip with Mu,To increase Ninjutsu Attack 4000 


    Shisui Uchiha Practice+1 & Mu Practice+1 Event On November 14th

    Ninja introduction-—Shisui Uchiha

    Ninja——Shisui Uchiha
    Member of the Uchiha clan,he was known as Kotoamatsukami who owned the strongest Genjutsu,people called him the most talented Genjutsu Ninja. He had Mangekyo Sharingan,and after his death,one of his eyes was seized by Danzo,the other was kept by Itachi Uchiha.

    How to get:
    Shisui Uchiha Chakra composition

    Initial star :3 star
    Bloodline:Fire Release,Genjutsu,Taijutsu,Sharingan (Shisui),Advanced Fire Release,Advanced Genjutsu

    Final Blow:Kotoamatsukami
    It will be used on a random target. There is a 100% chance to hit and control the target for 3 rounds. The effect can't be purified, except by dungeon bosses and Killer B's passive skill. It will permanently seal Shisui's final blow.
    Active Skill:Ultimate Genjutsu
    Need Bloodline:Sharingan (Shisui)、Advanced Genjutsu
    Need Chakra :550
    Deals Genjutsu damage to enemies in a vertical row and transfers normal attack to Genjutsu Attack.

    Passive skill:Teleport
    Need Bloodline:Sharingan (Shisui)
    Equip it to increase Dodge. It increases Genjutsu Attack when HP decreases in a battle.

    Bloodline Card:Sharingan (Shisui)
    Bloodline Card,Equip to increase dodge,hp,Genjutsu Attack,Genjutsu Defence.
    Bloodline Card, Only one Bloodline Card of the same attribute can be equipped at the same time. This Bloodline Limit is only available for Shisui.
    Equip Jewelry
    Exclusive equipment for Shisui Uchiha
    Equip to increase Hit and Genjutsu Attack 
    Equipment Card。Increases extra 1000 Genjutsu Attack for Shisui Uchiha 

    Assign Bonus:
    Shisui Uchiha to the blue zone to add HP 4500/8000/12000
    Shisui Uchiha to the red zone to add Genju.ATK 700/1400/2500
    Shisui Uchiha to the yellow zone to add HP 4500/8000/12000

    Shisui Uchiha‘s bond:
    The Hope Of Uchiha——Itachi Uchiha,Shisui Uchiha(HP 20%/30%/40%)
    Lost Right eye——Shisui Uchiha,Danzo(Magic Attack 20%/30%/40%)
    Penetrate——Shisui Uchiha,Ao(HP 20%/30%/40%)

    Ninja introduction-—Mu

    He was a tutor of the 3rd Tsuchikage,and the 2nd Tsuchikage. He had a Bloodline Selection. He perished together with the 2nd Mizukage,and after his death,he was forced to join the 4th Ninja World War and ultimately unsealed the dirt reanimation. His soul went to heaven.

    How to get:
    Mu Chakra composition

    Initial star :3 star
    Bloodline:Earth Release,Taijutsu,Fire Release,Wind Release,Dust Release,Advanced Fire Release,Advanced Wind Release,Perception,Advanced Dust Release1

    Final Blow:Water escape - Dust free plug
    Once the group damage to the enemy, cast, Mu will be able to resist the damage of 50%, when the other players on the field, no one can not become the target of the default attack, but will be affected by the crowd, sustained 2 round.

    Active Skill:Dust Release Genkai Hakuri
    Need Bloodline:Advanced Dust Release
    Need Chakra 500
    Deals mass Ninjutsu damage and ignores Ninjutsu Defense by 100%

    Passive skill:Split Technique
    Need Bloodline:Advanced Dust Release and Perception
    Equip it to increase Ninjutsu Attack Each time a teammate uses an action, the Mu clone will use an active skill The skill will only deal damage without any additional effect The clone will possess 50% ability of the original

    Bloodline Card:Perception
    Open when Mu 5 star
    Bloodline Card,Only one Bloodline Card of the same attribute can be equipped at the same time. This Bloodline Limit is only available for five star Mu.
    Assign Bonus:
    Tsunade Senju to the blue zone to add Taiju.DEF 700/1400/2500(3 star/4 star/5 star)

    Mu‘s bond:
    Master Tsuchikage—— Mu,3rd Tsuchikag(Atk 20/25/30)
    Perish together—— Mu,2nd Mizukage (HP 10/15/20)
    Impure World Reincarnation Army—— Mu,3rd Raikage,2nd Mizukage,4th Kazekage(HP 20/25/30)
    Reject Alliance—— Mu,Madara Uchicha,3rd Tsuchikage (Ninjutsu Attack 20/30/40)(Defence 20/25/30)(Magic Defence 20/25/30)
    Escape sea—— Mu,3rd Tsuchikage,Gaara,Naruto(Ninjutsu Attack 20/25/30)
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