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  1. I believe that medical services are very expensive now. It especially relates to dental services. Of course, there are good sites where dental night guard like on https://americandentalcraft.com/ is not very expensive. However, the services themselves are usually not very cheap and you will have to pay a lot of money to your doctor.
  2. Oh, bro, I think that I can't help you with this. But I can ask my friend for help.
  3. Bro, I didn't work with concretely this app, but as for the crypto playing, I want to say that you are just not competent in this question. If you will look into this you will understand why a great number of people prefer to play on fairspin.io , for example, and some other same sites. You should just learn some theory about the blockchain and the answer will be obvious to you. People just don't want to waste their money on scamming sites and they want to have a chance to win something. Yeah, some bitcoin apps are not a nice way to earn money, but you have a little chance to earn there, as I think
  4. Thank you. We all need to do Bible journaling, so we can let through all this wisdom. If we didn't have a Bible The Holy Spirit would have to do his work of revelation over and over again, just as he did in the days of the prophets and the apostles. Many Christians begin each new year with a plan to read through the entire Bible over the course of that year.
  5. I hаve got аn аdvice from my close friend who hаs а lot of brokers cooperаtion experience in his bаckground to use https://topbrokers.com/uk-forex-brokers to serve my long-term seаrch of broker plаtform where I cаn find the best vаriety of deаls аnd propositions from different brokers.
  6. Haha, it would be pretty interesting to play this game. I'm a big weed lover and it is almost necessary for me to smoke. But I have some preferences in smoking cannabis, I use only https://weedzy.co.uk/ because sometimes I got not so qualitative stuff in other shops
  7. Oh, that's cool. You know, I have my own small business and I'm thinking about creating a mobile app, but it is just an idea now. We should plan everything. But it would be cool to make it and to develop an e-commerce aspect. We have already found where we can hire magento 2 developer, but we would like to know did someone used this company?
  8. You know, I don't need these games because one I wanted to open my car without keys. I lost it and it was a great misfortune for me. I had to hire a locksmith from this site https://securelocks.net/ He made his job really well but I still can't understand why I lose so many things!
  9. Good day, people! I like this app. Do you know something related to it? I'm in love with cooking. I just bought a new in cabinet microwave and I want to find some recipes for it. Do you know something interesting? Please share, I will be thankful.
  10. You know, I think that this is great that nowadays we can do almost everything due to our smartphones, even take the sport. For example, you can download the fitness competition app and using it make some exercises and so on. So great and convenient!
  11. You know, I always wanted to be a lawyer, but after one accident in 2016, I was convicted for 3 years. Three years in prison... It was terrible. But now I can't become a lawyer, it was my dream. Thanks to this service that helped me to find some felon friendly companies. It would be very hard to do it on my own. Now I'm living an ordinary life.
  12. Yeah, I had the same issue, but the reason was in the internet connection
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