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  1. Hello, I’m currently using a non-JB version of the recent version of this game, however, the coins aren’t adding up when spent. It just stays the same. I made a mistake and used whatever coins I had to rush a production, which made my coins real low and unable to buy stamina.. Help? Lol. Is it supposed to be like that ?
  2. Hello, I have won Premium for Crunchyroll here awhile back and I was wondering if I could change the email to it? I don’t have email access, so if I were to request a password change, it’d go to an email I have no access to. If I wanted to change email, would I have to verify through a link or something of the sort that requires me having access to the gmail account?
  3. Everyone who’s helped around this place and has come up with something so amazing, we are grateful to you all ^^
  4. Whoo! Happy birthday, you old goon of a site.
  5. Hey, I was wondering if they had anything for 11.2.2? Haha. I’m outta luck, huh?
  6. Even when I’m gone, they still keep coming.

    1. PandaPeng


      What’s ur number?

  7. [On My Own] [LINK]Picture Won't Upload Properly... [LINK] Name of the App : On My Own Version of the App : 2.0 iTunes URL : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/on-my-own/id952029231?mt=8 Requested Features : » Godmode » No Hunger » Infinite Energy » Infinite Inventory » Infinite Items » Anything Possible! JB Or Non-JB : Jailbroken
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