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  1. I've never played this game, but I'd give you kudos ^^
  2. Solved mobile legends

  3. Marvel is life. Yessssss!
  4. Request On My Own

    [On My Own] [LINK]Picture Won't Upload Properly... [LINK] Name of the App : On My Own Version of the App : 2.0 iTunes URL : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/on-my-own/id952029231?mt=8 Requested Features : » Godmode » No Hunger » Infinite Energy » Infinite Inventory » Infinite Items » Anything Possible! JB Or Non-JB : Jailbroken
  5. Solved [HIT - Heroes of Incredible Tales]

    Oh ): That sucks, I suppose this is practically hopeless. Thank you, though. I just like MMORPG games and I can't find any good ones to play. Suggest any good MMORPG games? ^^
  6. [HIT - Heroes of Incredible Tales] Name of the App : HIT - Heroes of Incredible Tales Version of the App : 1.28.147190 iTunes URL : https://appsto.re/us/yxQfcb.i Requested Features : » High Damage » High Defense » No Skill Cooldown » Anything Possible JB Or Non-JB : Jailbroken
  7. Might have to start wearing glasses..

  8. Help/Support iPad 2 Factory Reset

    Hello, dearies! I've got a slight problem with my iPad 2. Well, my girlfriend bought this awhile back from this guy she knew. So, I noticed it was out of date with updates and running really, really slow. And so, I updated it to OS 9.3.5 and then factory reset it to clear it of any content and altered settings. As I did just that, I noticed there's something on the bottom, below the "slide to set up"." It says "This iPad is managed by "Name of Whatever."" By a school, to be a little more specific. Is it possible to remove such ownership?
  9. Help/Support Cydia Issue

    I did, but there are sources that aren't being used, so I'm deleting them. Not the major sources. I get "POSIX: Operation Timed Out" -- "HTTP/1.1 522 Origin Connection Timeout" -- "The repository "http://repo.insanelyi.com ./ Release" does no longer have a Release file." .-.
  10. Help/Support Cydia Issue

    Uninstalling sources seem to give me errors, but installing tweaks and such is fine. Meh.. I'll live with it I guess, might even fix itself?
  11. Help/Support Cydia Issue

    I have a "uasharedtools No-Ads" installed instead for some reason, but I'll try uninstalling it and installing the original.
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