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  1. Oh man. They updated just yesterday when I saw this forum. Lol. Was gonna enjoy the cheats 😭
  2. I went onto a different YouTuber. ”Burhan Rana” using the “All in One Fix” video. However, his links in his description is dead.. It was the 2GB version. Also, which are you working with? Intel or AMD?
  3. UPDATE : I’ve managed to successfully install everything and I’m now JBen on 13.3. Y’all. I’m so happy. Can I get this thread closed?
  4. Gonna use an Intel laptop and see if it’s because of that.
  5. No idea what that is, but I will assume yes...... Not sure. I’d ask for you to look at the video, but I’m sure you’re far too busy for that.
  6. Hello. I’m trying to jailbreak my iPhone X (13.3) using Ra1nUSB off a tutorial from Saunders Tech. I did everything step by step, from using a Kingston DataTraveler G4 16GB USB to flash Ra1nUSB (FINAL-AMD) using BALENA. Afterwards, restarting my computer and accessing my BIOS (F2 or DEL) — I have an ASRock motherboard — From here, I disabled/enabled the necessities. Secure Boot (Disabled) Fast Boot (Disabled) Launch CSM (Enabled) — There’s options below mentioning Legacy Only/UEFI Only — Everything was Legacy Only on all THREE by default. I’ve played around with it, doing UEFI Only, still nothing worked. Saved and exited my BIOS. PC restarts again, but this time, I’m accessing the boot menu (F11) and selecting UEFI: Kingston DataTraveler G4, Partition 1 (Ra1nUSB USB) I’m booted to the ThuthuatJB.com screen. Went to options, deleted everything written on Boot Args, except the “-v” in the beginning. Then went to Graphics Injector, made sure nothing is ticked. Returned to the main screen. Here’s what I noticed. The icon for “Boot macOS Install from Ra1nUSB” is a question mark instead of the “macOS” icon. As I proceed and select that option, I’m greeted with a black screen that says : AMF: Only 224/256 slide values are usable! Value slides: 32-255 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Anyone have an idea on how to fix this issue? Please and thank you for your time! 🙂 PC Specs : Motherboard: AsRock X370 Taichi CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 FT RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 HDD: 1T Seagate SSD: 256GB M.2 OS: Windows 10 x64Bit
  7. That, and not lose anything on my phone. As this is my main phone.
  8. Thank you so much! Do you know anything about CheckRa1n’s JB? Such as the “restore system” option and what it does? And possibly what steps I could take to remove this specific JB if I needed to go into the store for physical repairs or something and don’t wanna get caught with it? Haha.
  9. I was wondering whether it’d void warranties and such if I were to do the jailbreak. I hear it’s semi-untethered, but I don’t understand a whole lot of these terms. Also saw the option of “Restore System” and was wondering if that removes the jailbreak from the phone. i suppose what I’m asking is what are the pros and cons? I’m just worried about warranty and such. Lol. thank you so much.
  10. I’m not participating as I’m not jail broken, but I wanna say HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a great one!
  11. Hello, I must be horrible to be the type to not read into things, but I’d just like some help. I’m a huge Bethesda fan and I wanted to know whether there was a way to save the hacked version of Fallout Shelter onto the iCloud that you’ve provided in the iOSGods App. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t show in the iCloud Drive. Thank you for your time! 🙂
  12. Hello, I’m trying to do this for Fallout Shelter. I’m on the Back Up App Data part and it’s taking FOREVER. Is there something I’m doing wrong?
  13. Mandu

    Request Kinedu

    Name - Kinedu: Baby Development App Version - 5.21.0 iTunes Link - Kinedu: Baby Development App by Kinedu https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kinedu-baby-development-app/id741277284 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: No Jailbreak (Maybe Easy Download Through iOSGods App?) Requested Features: - Unlock Everything. Just wanted to have full access to help me help my son grow and reach his milestones. Thank you so much, I understand it’s not a game.
  14. I’d have to say Spider-Man.
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