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  1. there's an issue when trying to apt-get update and/or upgrade in mTerminal and NewTerm 2 where segmentation fault 11.. or 11ee.. occurs so I googled around a bit and found this old post from 2013 https://www.idownloadblog.com/2013/03/05/cydia-wow-you-exceeded-number-packages-apt-capable/ and tried it and now both my mTerminal and NewTerm 2 are working properly in apt-get update and upgrade, just try to have under 65,500 in total repo packages, I hope this helps people with the segmentation fault.
  2. Just a tweak to change the color in mTerminal to a different color in iphone, just copy & paste what's inside the " " in safari then hit enter when asked to open in mTerminal - Hacker Green "mterminal://?fgColor=00FF00&fontSize=15&bgColor=black" or Blue "mterminal://?fgColor=0099ff&fontSize=15&bgColor=black" or Red "mterminal://?fgColor=FF0000&fontSize=15&bgColor=black" or to any color you want by changing the fgColor hex - you can also change font size (it should stay 15 but your choice if you want to try and change it) and bgColor should stay black but also your choice. I wanted something more instead of the bland color mTerminal gave, hope all enjoy!
  3. I have the same problem with tying to install with the xz format on my semi-tethered ios 10.2.1 so I unpacked/unzipped the deb file on my pc I then went through the carrot folders until I got to the CARROT.dylib & CARROT.plist and copied them both to my iphone and then pasted them into the DynamicLibraries through filza (use search in filza for dynamic if you can't find it) then I did a respring of my device then went into the carrot weather app and tried it out and it works great with the hack features. This takes a little longer than installing the deb through ifile or filza but is still effective especially if you are getting the dpkg error for xz when trying to install. Thanks Kiengk0eng for the hack! / For those having trouble unzipping/unpacking the deb package on pc I used universal extractor/uniextract to unzip it on windows.
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