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  1. No, i asked a dude if it worked for him because he kind of implied that and if tahts was the case due to the temporary issue of a certificate where you could download it via the app instead of sideloadly but probably that person was full of sh!t because he never answered.
  2. Please clarify, iosgods issued a certificate on the 10th of february that maybe lasted 3 days. I didn’t catch it so maybe that is the way it worked for you? the cert is now revoked so if you installed it that way it shouldn’t work. Install it via sideloadly and please try moving in the world map to check if it works
  3. Exactly. The biggest “ red flag” here is ISOGODS blaming this on sideloadly, when it is probably not the problem because I was able to install this version with the panda certificate without sideloadly and same thing still happened
  4. I’m guessing they won’t try to hack it Again untill 1.17.8 comes and that could be next season. but if they insist to Blame the Game Center connection issue due to sideloadly then it will be worthless again. THE PROBLEM ISNT SIDELOADLY ITS THE HACK ITSELF
  5. Me neither, at this point I’ll be happy if we get duplication cheat again so I can restock on weapons before next season pass
  6. I depleted almost all my guns due to trying to get enough shards for all the skins in the Christmas tree.
  7. That’s the thing, I don’t believe sideloadly is the problem. Like I said, with the panda I was able to install without sideloadly And the same problem arises, IT IS NOT SIDELOADLY it is the versions hack. And just to be clear, this is not a critic to iOS gods, just trying to say that sideloadly isn’t the problem
  8. The problem ISNT SIDELOADLY. I was able to install the game with a new certificate with some other web page and i can tell you the same thing happens. The problem isnt sideloadly. The problem is this versions hack. And besides like you mention, we cannot go to world map past our base. Thanks anyway for pming the admin
  9. @reaperx is completely right, this connection issue didn’t happen with previous versions of the game
  10. All the dummies replying thing like thanks, nice, gg and stupid sh!t like that, what purpose does it serve. because there is no working certificate and the game doesn’t run properly. do they do it for props? Are they bots?
  11. Please fix this version, even NOT ALLOWED!er has released a certificate before you but they copied your version and it doesn’t work
  12. the shards for the Christmas tree are very hard to come by, there are 12 days left and I barely get one bike skin per day, I need to get evolution from season 2. There is no time to get all the shards needed for all bikes so the hack is a must
  13. like others said in the settings page the connect to ios account button is not working. Basically the game doesnt connect to the ios account upon starting. Without restoring the progress this hack is pretty much worthless. Please, either fix this or renew the certificate, cause the season pass is over in 15 days and we are running out of time to get all bike/backpack skins from the christmas tree
  14. Reapers, other than it being version 17.6 it has installed correctly via sideloadly so the game does t go past the update screen
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