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  1. I just reset my account and started from scratch, however if you use the mod apk from ViP and use the cost 1 gold, 1 cash you can upgrade everything and not mess your account up and still earn gold/cash. however dont use anything else coz same will just happen but with keys instead of cash and gold
  2. Name of the game you want hacked: CSR Racing 2 Version of the game: 2.12.0 iTunes Link for the app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/csr-racing-2/id887947640?uo=4&at=1010lce4 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken Requested Features: Custom Gold Amount Custom Cash Amount Custom Key Amount Anti Ban Instant Car Delivery Instant Parts Delivery Buy Anything For 1 Gold Buy Anything For 1 Cash
  3. I Removed the mod apk etc, when i logged in it said which profile i want to choose then next to it was "-100million cash, -100k gold" so maybe i have to earn all that gold and cash for it to fix? if so thats near impossible and would take forever
  4. But im on my main phone not jailbroken one, (My main doesnt have cydia or anything) and im logging in on it and i still cant earn money or gold etc
  5. I've tried that, deleted the mod apk everything and my account is still glitched, wont earn money or gold or anything
  6. So i downloaded K_K CSR2 Mod APK on my jailbroken device and decided to use it on my main account for a couple of cars because Live racing myself with max bet was taking to long, Anyways ive signed in on my main, upgraded everything etc, Unchecked the mods, uninstalled app and signed out of the account. Gone back to my main phone which is iphone X and signed back into CSR, Was buzzing because i finally upgraded my main T5 cars, anyways load up the game and it says i Have 0 cash, 0 gold.. Didnt think anything of it, Went into live racing and won but noticed my money hasn't gone up atall its still at 0.. Completed challenges for gold and still shows 0. So literally now i cant earn gold or money... How do i fix it so i can earn money and gold again? it really sucks because now i cant add fusion parts or anything... Someone please help me I Have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, Signing out from iCloud and back in, Restarting my phone and still hasn't fixed, If you had this issue or know how to fix please let me know it would be much appreciated
  7. Hey guys, My name is Ethan, I'm new to this community. Never really jailbroken or anything untill lately. Mostly into car racing games, coin master etc so be good to see some fellow gamers to. I've recently come into a problem and no one has replied to my thread in quite some time so if theres someone who plays csr2 and can help me please read my thread as i am stuck Thankyou.
  8. How do i set this? Because the mod menu just shows the options and i tick them and untick thats it
  9. So i have a spare iphone which i've jailbroken, Downloaded Cydia, Filza. Then i proceeded to follow the instructions and download the mod apk, installed it etc, i load up the game and i get the iOSGods Message to login etc to activate, so i do that and it loads, shows i have access and then shows the mod, i press the mods i want ex. cash and it seems to not be working for me... I would assume i would get like 1mill cash but i didnt, so i decided to buy a part and see if the money went up instead and it didnt, tried the keys and gold still nothing, can someone help me please am out of ideas and stuff how to fix, tried re installing, deleting, everything and still cant fix ### FIXED### Didnt have preference downloaded in cydia
  10. So can i use this on my jailbroken phone go to live races and race against my main and just keep racing with alot of money and stack my main account up with millions ?
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