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  1. Hello, dear! School Internet providers block a lot of websites so you can not access them. I recommend you try to use VPN and change your IP and address. That is also how you can access websites that help you in studying as an example. By the way, learn more about them. When you need urgent help - this is the best decision!
  2. I think all the students are very joyful people and this is a very attractive feature. I want to enter a good college where I can get worthy knowledge but I want cool people and parties as well. I hope this site https://www.prepler.com/best-colleges/ohio will help me to find it
  3. Thank you! I also started to use Windows instead of MacOS after I knew the real security situation there. I always thought that Siri is the safest browser and that is it impossible to have any viruses on apple products. Unfortunately, that is not the truth. By the way, If you want, you can read about iPhone and iPad vulnerability in this article http://bestinau.com.au/not-that-invincible-apple-and-the-latest-cyber-security-threats/. It explained to me a lot.
  4. Thanks for the helpful link! What can you say about other antivirus software? I mean that my main work is related to Windows and therefore I need a good antivirus. And that's why I now read many review sites like the best antivirus review site. On many points, I agree with what they indicate. What do you think about this?
  5. Of course, a website should be beautiful to catch the eyes and promote itself. I really like the sites which are made by https://www.impulsis.com/ and I know that they can also make a site for me and I am going to use their service in a year probably.
  6. Thanks! I am a fan of football, and therefore I play these games, follow the matches and also place bets. What do you think about betting? Which bookie do you prefer? My choice is kwikbet. By the way, I consider mini football to be one of the most spectacular sports and even the most unpredictable in terms of betting.
  7. Damn. How did I ever get there? I've been reading an article about outsource web development https://clockwise.software/blog/outsource-web-development/ and now I'm here. I think I need to spend less time on the Internet. Every time I try to so, it sucks me back in. Can you recommend me something to get rid of this bad habit?
  8. When we are into forex trading we all understand that broker is very important. That's why I usually try to pay special attention to it. I read a lot about Olymp Trade broker before choosing it and now I think that this decision was reasonable and it brings good results.
  9. Hello friends. There are fewer and fewer services when we can read or download books for free and it is really sad. Poor people also need knowledge and education. Thankfully, the service Fb2BookFree is available and I can download the books I want to read.
  10. I learned this while trying to write a thesis. It distracted me and gave me an opportunity to take a break from my dissertation. What's the bottom line? I decided that it would be better to buy dissertations and do coding professionally. My dissertation was not useful to me, but I found my mission and get an extra couple of bucks for the fact that I have this paper.
  11. Hey, this is a very cool game! I think it's time to play it during the pandemic to take time. Interestingly, but there is a mod for CBD products? To legally conduct business in different parts of the world. Or can you make a separate application for cbd? This is so cool, there is even a cbd bath bomb!
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