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  1. Help/Support Using iGameGuardian on semi tethered jb

    You'll have to reboot soon or later
  2. Tool [Float Converter] Float Calculator v0.0.1 beta

    Should be within armconverter tools online
  3. 8x8 km XL map. 300 players per match. 5 players squads. New drivable vehicles. The hype.
  4. My first course exams beings tomorrow. Wish me luck <3 

    1. Adi2k18


      Good luck! (psstt hit like pls)

    2. ItsMrChow


      You Got this Stranger. :) You will do well. Eat a good breakfast. Dont forget to breathe!

  5. Astrophysician? 🤔

    1. Danaerys


      Still studying 

    2. Basmal121


      Oof. Good luck with that.

    3. Danaerys


      Thanks lol but I love it so ...

  6. Help/Support CyDown problem

  7. Help/Support How can I update using SHSH2 blobs?

    Doesn't this include breaking your TouchID sensor?
  8. Request Blitz Brigade Hack.

  9. DIY Hack Rules Of Survival Speed Hack

    You'll get banned quickly. The developers team is very active
  10. No. Though a newly discovered x-ray hack (like c-ops) was patched in shortest time.
  11. This week's maintenance will include the following new updates: 1. General: -Optimized character movement and surface performance consumption. -Released a patch for newly-discovered x-ray hack. 2. New Content: -New vehicle - Speedboat! Players can now ride atop the sea straight into the battlefield! -New throwable item - Molotov cooktail! This item can be looted on the battlefield. The ground on which the item is thrown will erupt into flames, and players within the scope of the fire will take continuous burn damage. After some time, the fire will automatically extinguish. -Updated the bicycle. A back seat has been added, so that now up to 2 players can ride it. -Added a new "Stat" page to the Data section. Here, players can examine their detailed rank information as well as in-game performance statistics. -Added new items: Weekly Pass and Monthly Pass. -Added more clothes to the discount store, including some new outfits and packs. -Added a push to talk button to the team-up menu in the lobby. -Added a special matchmaking mode - Simple Mode! Some players have mobile devices that do not support grass graphics. These players and their teammates will instead be automatically placed into this mode, in which there is no grass. Players in this mode will still earn the same rewards (rank points and gold) as before. 3. Gameplay: -Removed the M14EBR's automatic fire mode and replaced it with a 3-round burst mode. -The zombies in Zombie Mode now have new abilities. Added balance adjustments to zombie HP and attack damage. -Added a new setting that will cause players' devices to vibrate when their character is taking damage in-game. This option can be activated in the Settings menu. -When a player's character dies, the camera will now stay in the location of death. -Optimized vehicle collision effects. Vehicles will now provide more physically accurate protection from bullets. 4. Sound Effects: -Improved the tapping sound effect in lobby, store, and other interfaces. 5. UI: -Improved the item durability indicator within the combat interface. -Optimized the ranks and made them easier to be understood. -Added a mark of mode in the Battle Result interface. 6. PC Version: -When players are laying prone, they can tap the jump button to directly stand back up. The Rules of Survival Development and Community Team Jan. 4, 2018
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