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  1. Hi Bro, it’s my misunderstanding🤣🤣, it’s all worked. Thank you for your effort again, thankssssssss😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
  2. Thank you for your effort and update~ I have tried this version on IOS13 and iPhone 11. its worked with guest login but seems some functions are not worked or stricted by the game developer. And one of the hacks, - Freeze Gems is not worked. Others hacks are worked properly. Many thanks.
  3. My app+ suddenly crashed and I have used it 3-4 hours ago. When I try to open it, it quit every time when I open... Other games download from app+ also has this issue. And I reinstall it, but is said I’m unable to install it anymore. Please help!!!! Many thanks. my device is iPhone X pro and iOS 13.5.1
  4. Thanks for your update, but I have installed and deleted many times. It’s still said my apps is unstable network and turn down the app. Please check or fix, many many many many thanks.
  5. Hi~ I Can download hacked games from app+ normally and play it. But all the games haven’t the iosgods symbol jump out and ask me to login. So that it just seems as a normal game download from App Store? I have used it from 3 months ago. What should I do? Thanks so much.
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