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  1. Hey guys! I've been out for a few years, but it is time to get back to this lovely community! P.S. Do we have a discord server for this?
  2. I've been out for a while.... :D

  3. Not working on Non-jailbroken. There is no such directory
  4. Try different browser What's your iOS version? What's your iDevice?
  5. Have waited 12 hours... When i reached 600 following people, program dosen't lets me follow any1 and just drops an error...
  6. Do you know the limit followers per day on instagram? It seems it is 300..
  7. I'm feeling sad.. :(

    1. Rook


      Lifting will help. :)

  8. AutoTouch is the same as Autoclicker for PC, but or your iPhone! I use it on Tap Titans or "Get followers" app Instructions: Download and install .deb file with iFile or iFunbox Open AutoTouch app -> Settings -> License Congratz! License activated. Don't forget to set Activator gesture to activate AutoTouch! DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  9. Yeah. Go to fake accounts and verify it with your moms or friends phone numbers ) After you reach 250 following, you must verify your instagram account. You can't create more than 6 or 5 account from ur device too.
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