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  1. Excuse me. Is there a single V13 (Sideloadly which will not update automatically) download point?
  2. Install 5%: CreatingStagingDirectory Installation 15%: extract packaging Install 20%: InspectingPackage Install 20%: TakingInstallLock Install 30%: PreflightingApplication Installation 30%: InstallingEmbeddedProfile Install 40%: VerificationsApplication Installation failed: 3892346905 ApplicationVerificationFailed (Cannot verify the code signature of /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installd.staging/temp.EO4Fxj/extracted/Payload/pokemongo.app/Frameworks/SDWebImage.framework: 0xe8008019 (The application does not have a valid signature.) 1 configuration file restored Error: 3892346905: ApplicationVerificationFailed (Failed to verify the code signature of /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installd.staging/temp.EO4Fxj/extracted/Payload/pokemongo.app/Frameworks/SDWebImage.framework : 0xe8008019 (The application does not have a valid signature.) Excuse me. Is there a way to fix it?
  3. There are private information in the installation log. Already used mail Sent to you
  4. Rook The game I played, initially v13 was always installable. After updating to v14.6, it cannot be installed again. Alas! I feel like playing a game is always intermittent, which makes people feel so tired. After all, the computer environment of each member is different, so it may cause different installable versions. A sincere suggestion to your company, your company should not only keep the last updated single version upload point, if possible, please keep the update point of each version. Let members choose the installable version to download and use, so as not to let members play games intermittently and unable to play games easily.
  5. Report: Windows7x64 iOS13.5.1 can install Sideloadly_V0.9 program. The installation process is also very smooth. After installing Sideloadly_V0.9, start to use Sideloadly_V0.9 sideloading game ipa. But after the game is installed, switch to "Device Management" "Trust. But it pops up (incompatible with this accessory window)... After I closed the (Incompatible with this accessory window), I tried to open the installed game. So far, there is no problem. But why does the (incompatible window with this accessory) appear?
  6. Rook Excuse me: Why can't I install Sideloadly on my computer Windows 7X64.Neither V0.10 nor V0.14.4 can be installed. The original game was installed on the phone using V0.10. Now the game on the phone cannot be opened
  7. Sideloadly V 0.14.2 正在檢查iOS版本... iOS版本13.5.1,將破壞bundleID 獲取團隊ID 錯誤:無法獲取anisette:HTTPSConnectionPool(host ='armconverter.com',port = 443):url超過了最大重試次數:/ anisette / irGb3Quww8zrhgqnzmrx(由SSLError引起(“由於SSL模塊不可用,無法連接到HTTPS URL。”)) 您好@ROOK。打擾一下:我可以在自己的計算機上設置Sideloadly。不能自動更新嗎?謝謝你的努力!
  8. Cannot install iOSGods App + for about 2 weeks Can you email me the link @Rook
  9. 我也是iOS13..5.1。iOS13.5.1前天 Sideloadly(v0.13)運行良好,直到昨天Sidesidely更新(0.14)。 正在檢查iOS版本... iOS版本13.5.1將破壞bundleID 獲取團隊ID 無法獲得茴香菜
  10. 最初可以安裝0.13,但是更新到0.14之後,將無法安裝。現在,它已恢復為0.13,因此無法安裝。無法安裝0.13的日誌與無法安裝0.14的日誌相同... @ROOK Is there a way to deal with it?
  11. Excuse me: Who has the Sideloadly (v0.13) version of the download point for me? I just used Sideloadly (v0.14) and can't install it. But I have deleted the Sideloadly (v0.13) version..........
  12. @車我的意思是:1個應用程序。可以同時在手機上安裝為app1.app2.app3。 是否有自定義應用程序安裝功能,例如iOS Gods App。 那。可以發布iOS Gods App之類的教學視頻嗎?
  13. Hope Sideloadly can add Custom App Install Yes! I hope Sideloadly can add custom application installation
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