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  1. It's a "save data" hack, no app is needed to be installed. Just hack data and you are done. You must look to info page for hacking information.
  2. Guys you can't do it (unlimited ammo, unlimited health, pro pack etc) without jailbreak please guys read post carefully
  3. I've already told you that can't have pro pack with non-jailbreak device.. And this is a hack with some features which are of course unlimited... Thats the reason why I've kept Points that high.. If you need hack with limited resources you can tell me and I will provide you a different link But let them unlimited for others
  4. It is easy to jailbreak 'cos jailbreak for 9.2-9.3.3 is out, you can get procedure of jailbreaking online But if you don't want to jailbreak....... Then refer below link, it will give you step by step guide to hack data of course for ios 8.4 and up: https://iosgods.com/topic/9651-how-to-installapply-hacks-posted-in-this-section-if-youre-on-ios-83-84-90/
  5. I've rechecked it... All is perfectly fine.. Retry & if any error occurs post it
  6. You can't have pro pack with non jailbroken device>> And also this hack don't have unlimited life feature
  7. I have uploaded separate file as you recommended. Check it up on main page...
  8. can you please add another download link it is blocked in my country
  9. Buddy thanks for your comment, but hack don't provide unlimited life It provides stuff described in main post...!! And i don't think so that there is a way to get pro pack without jailbreak, if there is...?? Feel free to post
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