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  1. If I win this (which I most likely wouldn't), I would literally explode as it would be the first time I won a contest that has so many people participating.
  2. Eh, 0 views after an hour. Can somebody at least try? Or at least tell me which files to modify and let me try on my own?
  3. [Request] Shadow Fight 2, 1.9.15 App Image App you want hacked: Shadow Fight 2 Version of the app: 1.9.15 iTunes URL for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/shadow-fight-2/id696565994?mt=8 Requested features: Everything shown in this video Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken How did he do something so incredible? I cant find which files to mod! Thank you!
  4. Because you did not delete users_backup.xml and users_backup.xml.hash Therefore, you returned to the data Nekki has on their servers and not your proper one. About the game crashing. It's due to your device not being strong enough to handle the extra stuff.
  5. You did the steps wrongly. That's all I can say.
  6. Contact Nekki about this since it's not my problem
  7. You have done something wrong for sure, as you can see its working for everybody. Redo all the steps again, follow them in the correct order.
  8. Are you sure you are on Act VII: Chapter 3? If not, play till you reach Act ViI: Chapter 3. Go to shop and you will see titan equipments.
  9. It means copy it to any other folder. Please follow the steps properly. You are supposed to replace my files with your files in Library > Caches > Assets. Then replace your users.xml and users.xml.hash back to Documents > Assets
  10. Sadly, yes. Inwill make a method to hack the game so you can be in Act VII: Chapter 3 very fast
  11. No. The items will activate once you download Act VII: Chapter 3
  12. Thanks guys. I will make more mods in the future
  13. Hello, I found a way to become Titan in the iOS version of Shadow Fight 2 so I decided to share it to you. This is my first mod so please be easy on me. Thanks. Note: You need to be on Act VII: Chapter 3 for the Titan equipments to appear in the shop. Special thanks to Ibrahim Salimov for teaching me the basics of modding Shadow Fight 2 Tutorial: [Hidden Content] If you have any problems, please make a comment below, don't forget to like.
  14. ---? Is that? Im in danger? I will remove it if u are saying --- repo?
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