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  1. This hack is working but can’t believe the logo as gone again looks better with logo hopefully we see it back soon thanks
  2. I have and still no look for some reason it’s just one app what don’t work for altstore but it signs on sideloadly but the ones before the previous ones was ok so not to sure what’s what with the updated version one lol
  3. Yea unless u have a tweak installed so u don’t need your laptop on that’s why I tho wonder if they was a way to move over the app to altstore because for some reason only sideloadly let’s me sign the app lol
  4. Hi I’ve used sideloadly to side load a app but I’m wonding is they any way I can move it to altstore why I’m asking because for someone reason I try and put the app on to altstore and it just close the app 🤷🏼‍♂️ But when I sign it with sideloadly it works I’m wanting to use it on altstore if possible so I don’t have to open laptop every time it’s just to run out to resign the app again thanks
  5. This as been answered for some reason the way I use to sign this app does not work any more but I’ve now got the app signed using the tool iosgods have got to sign apps but now I’m wondering if they’s a way I can put the app on altstore thanks
  6. I’ve used this to install a app what will not sign the way I use to sign apps a really nice tool but when I use it to load a app on a jailbroken device (I do have app sync installed) when the app loads on the device the app opens then close
  7. This is the last update with altstore the one inactive is the last time it was letting me sign the app I’m doing everything like I have been for months I’m doing everything the same way for ever app I sign for my self but only having this issue with coin master updated app
  8. I’m trying to get it on altstore and it’s just cutting of on me the new updated version of coin master would it be ok to send u a video of it
  9. @Rook this issue is the same on the updated on as well (3.5.191) its doing the same as in the video ive put on here so this issue is the same for 3.5.181 & 3.5.191 i did not have this issue with 3.5.170 below i was able to sign them with out any error the same way as ive done in the video not sure if its the app it self if it is I’m only letting your know save your time in hacking it if it’s the app it self
  10. @Rook this hack does not let you sign it your self still like the last one but the rest of them did?
  11. I do that but the speed doesn’t go any faster what every speed I choose it I pick 2x speed and pick 10x the auto touch don’t go any faster as you can see with this video the 1st bit is using iosgods auto touch as u can see the auto touch is slow even with 10x on but the second bit is with auto touch from cydia and u can see the speed difference so I was wondering what am I doing wrong if I’ve done it the rite way 🤷🏼‍♂️ (but I wanna get rid of the cydia one to use iosgods lol)
  12. Hi is they a way to speed up the auto touch I’ve got the speeder on like 10 and the auto touch is still slow is they a way to make it speed up like like make it so it works with speeder thanks
  13. The older version of the coin master app do let me sign the app but for some reason this new updated one does not let me and I’m doing it all the same way I’ve always done them (sorry if my wording was not good) @Rook i hope this helps what i mean ive uploaded a video to youtube for u the 1st signing is the new updated coinmaster and the second one is the one before the update if u know what i mean i hope this clear the issue im having
  14. Yea I’ve re-downloaded already as I know some times that can fix the issue and I will do thank you @Rook when u can can u look at this issues thank you
  15. Hi it’s the coin master ipa and I’m using the iOS app signer this way I’ve always done it I’ve also tryed the app with out signing via altstore and the app just doesn’t wanna install I’ve tryed the older ones of the app again and they all fine they let me resign and put on altstore not sure if the update one is broken?
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