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Everything posted by TruePearl

  1. New Pokémon Go bot ‘automates the entire game’Run The Bot Through Your Browser Insta-PokéGo is not a bot that talks to you like a chatbot, but rather a program that performs simple repetitive tasks. An “army of scouting bots” help users catch Pokémon not in their Pokédex at pokéstops in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Best Bot To Not Get Banned... [Hidden Content] ThankYou
  2. did that many times...it wont work...no reply from niantic except an automated one...
  3. how to remove pokemon permanent ban...? im getting failed to load server data since 2 days...

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    2. TruePearl



    3. Galmin


      I just wrote a ban appeal and it's pretty hilarious. If it works i'll post what I wrote... Goodluck!

    4. iampatricktan


      Appealed but no reply from Niantic except the automated reply


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  4. It shows all pokemons not only rare ones...
  5. Pokevision Alternative To Find Rare Pokemon... Though Its A User Based Map But Really Works... A Good Alternate For Pokevision Till It Gets Back To Work Again, The Only Con Is Pokemon Disappearing Timing Shows In Seconds... [Hidden Content] Thanks...
  6. dont use it, it does your account banned... i used it on my alt account and now its banned...i cant catch any pokemon , no pokestops and gyms...
  7. thanks alot @Amuyea , but unfortunately or maybe im vey much unlucky, i dont have any pokestops or gym near my residential area...not even in the radius of 10km...
  8. its working perfectly...try removing and installing again... welcome...
  9. This Tweak Lets You Import And Manage Audio / Video On iOS Without iTunes Or A PC Media Importer works in either 3G/LTE or WiFi modes. Export to Tweak from within any external app that has such support for opening Audio/Video files. Use Tweak to open files in other apps using the option “Open In”. Use Tweak to share your files using major Social Media apps. Freely modify your media’s Metadata i.e. track number, title, artist, album name, genre and release year. Browse your Photo Library for a different album artwork. Search Google Images for a specific album artwork using a beautiful interface designed exclusively for cover image search. Import multiple files at once like all the songs in an album to the same destination and let Audicy implicitly extract any embedded Metadata. When Browsing your device for files, Audicy automatically extract any built-in Metadata and uses it to display more details about the file. Choose to be notified when the import process is done and conveniently get an option to open the destination app. Preview audios and videos before importing them. Choice of import types: Song, Ringtone, Podcast, Music Video, Movie and TV Episode. View a list of your imported ringtones with the option to rename or delete them. [Hidden Content] MAKE SURE YOU THANK ME...
  10. brother i already pmed you...should i pm it to you again...? pmed you again...
  11. me...anyways let the best one wins...goodluck everyone...
  12. [Request] Exact App Name, App Version No App Image App you want hacked: Any Instagram Liker App Version of the app: Latest Version iTunes URL for the app: ANY Requested features: LIKES AND LIKES Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: JAILBROKEN Thank you very much!
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