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  1. DIY Hack Shadow Fight 2 Gem Hack Ver. 1.9.21

    Don't work anymore
  2. VIP X1 2 Month Giveaway

    I'm in, Hope i will win this time
  3. After 3 days waiting there can be something better like "we are working on" or something I can read and wait more, I mean I am paying for this and I understand that's not easy but that's just sad not even a plan of a resolve or something like wait guys we will solve this but no nothing ....
  4. So after 3 days someone wrote 5 words ? Ios 9.3.1 and we all need a resolve...
  5. So there not even a sentence here from the admins about a resolve there are working on? 3 days of waiting and paying for not even a word that there will be a resolve or anything else ?
  6. @Mayaxaya @DiDA so there won't be any help or resolve for us ? Or even a answer that u guys are working on ? So we can't use the hack on this mff version or how it looks like ? A answer would be good
  7. I've done the same but it crashes on the loading screen. Maybe some Cydia tweak is forcing it to crash which is incompatible with the hack
  8. tested, didn´t worked for me, still crash any idea what i should do ?
  9. @DiDA or @Mayaxaya a helpfull answer would be great, it crashes at the loading screen. Tried deinstalling, respringing and some other methods, didnt worked.
  10. also crash, on iOS 9.3.1 deinstalled the older hack since update and it crashed on loading screen. What should i do?
  11. Chill down guys He will, he needs time:)
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