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  1. Guys, i just wanna ask if i can jailbreak my phone again ? Normally i use the ios god app for Unc0ver but all are offline. So is there a chance i can rejailbreak again, would be great because i need a hack for a game event, 2 days left until its over and yes i lost my jailbreak, because i lost energy and my phone went off, so jeah new start and jailbreak was gone. Would be great for a fast answer
  2. Gamegem isn’t working on iOS 12.2 bro, AppStore is working fine. Isn’t there a gameplayer Version for 12.2 ?
  3. Hallo guys, I have some questions about the new iOS 12.2 jailbreak. So I was searching for App Admin or Gameplayer, but couldn’t find one which is working on my iOS Device. If some one know a working repo for this tweaks, pls answer this. - App Admin, Gameplayer/Gamegem, Snapchat Hack?, iGameGuardian and some more which are helpful. So if someone know a repo for one of this tweaks or the repo working for my iOS 12.2, it would be great
  4. f***ing calm down guys, this hack is for free, so let him work when he has time for it
  5. Hey Dida, one question. I have a new phone, so no jailbreak and i found your guys Ios app, awesome idea for non jailbroken devices.
    So i have spotify, youtube hacked and i was needing a hack for Bleach Brave souls and i found 2 of them in the app, but the problem is 
    one is written as VIP so i cant download it and the other one is not a VIP (there is no VIP in the Name) but u cant download it without beeing a VIP.
    Is this also a VIP one ? Would be great if there was a Basic Hack only with 1 extra, more dmg, or less dmg to my self or something, where i can
    run through quests without beeing worried about looking at my phone.

    Anyway awesome idea with the app, helped me a lot waiting for a new Jailbreak 12.2 and still waiting :D

    1. Laxus


      Please do not use the Chatbox for support or requests. Make a topic in the appropriate section if you need help or want to make a request. :)

    2. Jhonny


      I’m sry I thought I have sent him a private message, my bad.

  6. is there a jailbreak out for 12.2 ?


  7. I need a working igg, always an error Bug or something. When u Could help me with igg it would be greatGreat
  8. @DiDA Is there something which can be Done ?
  9. Name of the game you want hacked: Dungeom Boss Version of the game: 0.5.11796 iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dungeon-boss/id776132132?mt=8 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken Requested Features: ONE Hit Kill, GOD Mode(No Dmg), No Skill Cooldown
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