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  1. I meant if this hack would give me a ban using my main account, like there was a hack for android, which u can use for CO-Op (one hit hack) but the system will ban you 1-3 days and it was only for twinks ( new accounts ) to help the main account, hope u understand. and my question was, if i realy can use this in co-op without getting ban, without any problems ? no i am not dumb showing the other players my hack so haha
  2. Then special hack would be great i can hack them using gameplayer, so the pros should hack these without any problem maybe 🤔
  3. This time please something like damage hack or special hack like u can make using game player and please so that I can play online like normal not with hack where I see something different then other players thanks for the work
  4. One question is this a hack for a twink account? So after using = ban ? can I use this hacks here when the update is out on my main account ?
  5. Whats about. Online ? I saw its working online too but can i be banned?
  6. Is there another way to hack these ? Like using game guardian or gameplayer?
  7. What are the three quickest ways of spreading a rumour (or gossip). Telegram Telephone Tell a woman Perhaps not very politically correct in the times we live in, but worth a slight chuckle.
  8. I´m in, hopefully i will win my first time here every time joining this giveaways but never won often the posts are closed without winners
  9. Hello Hacker Team, one question: is there a way to hack a marvel future fight account ? Or just find out the email for his fb synchronization oder just the fb account ? i had an mff account VIP 1 and it was a good one, didnt played long but had one the best characters maxed perfect and then my little brother made a mistake and set everything back on my iphone pictures/apps/configurations everything and i lost my VIP Account i tried every email i remember but nothing was right i can proof that this account is 100% mine using my itunes purchase list and time i bought vip i just need a little information, email or fb name so i can remember which email i used for it Is there a way someone can find out these for me ? The Ingame name is "Kizushin", i was last online 2-3 months ago i already asked the support but they dont tried to help me, asked for screenshots i gaved them, asking about emails i gaved them but they didnt help me, they are not even trying Please is someone that good at hacking or reading some files or something and check out which email or fb name or some little information about this account so i can find out which email i used for him and can login ??? Hope someone is out there Thats the game itunes link https://itunes.apple.com/at/app/marvel-future-fight/id955705796?mt=8 version ist 2.9.5
  10. i would like to win these because i am already a long member on iosgods (second account) and never had vip or the money to buy these. i am using didas shmoos hacks like bbs or optc or dead trigger 2 and more and i would love to get some vip hacks like marvel future fights one and here is the face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) good luck to everyone
  11. Damn good job thx for these I would love to win i like these page and got all my hacks from here i did often hacks from this side and posted this on my old youtube account before it get banned so many people were here because i like this page and told everyone who watched my videos i would so happy to get VIP, anyway congratulation to the winner good luck everybody
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