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  1. Non JB VIP for me thanks for hosting the giveaways! @Ruhbx
  2. Plz update hack my life I want infinite money working again!1!!11 seriously congrats on 100k rep! @DanYal
  3. Gonna try this one too maybe I got lucky. Thank you and Non Jailbreak for me thanks!
  4. @DADi‘s computer has no "backspace" button, DADi doesn't make mistakes Old chuck Norris fact and yes they still make me laugh
  5. okay, @DADi im done. i doubt you even have basic knowlege of hacking. i doul boot linux so i can run my scripts. you made a big mistake of replying to my comment without using a proxy, because i'm already tracking youre ip. since ur so hacking iliterate, that means internet protocol. once i find your ip i can easily install a backdoor trojan into your pc, not to mention your email will be in my hands. dont even bother turning off your pc, because i can rout malware into your power system so i can turn your excuse of a computer on at any time. it might be a good time to cancel your credit card since ill have that too. if i wanted i could release your home information onto my secure irc chat and maybe if your unlucky someone will come knocking at your door. id highly suggest you take your little comment about me back since i am no script kiddie. i know java and c++ fluently and make my own scripts and source code. because im a nice guy ill give you a chance to take it back. you have 4 hours in unix time, clock is ticking. ill let you know when the time is up by sending you an email to [redacted] which I aquired with a java program i just wrote. see you then Not sure if copypasta are okay but we’ll there it goes
  6. @DADi update plz!1!!11! @DADi Awesome baldy crew checking in!
  7. I get a ticket! Non Jailbreak VIP for me thank you for doing this @Ruhbx btw how can I rep u up?
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