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  1. If only my pets would gain me money... though they’d only end up using my credit card to buy god-knows-what
  2. Good day to you guys. I’m currently having an odd issue with the Raising Archangel mod menu hack, the game version, hack version and bundle ID are fine but for some reasons I cannot get the login prompt to appear at all... First of all; I’m jailbroken on iOS 14.1 using Taurine on an iPhone 8+ After finally getting a jailbreak detection bypass to work (FlyJB X solved this), I can get the game to launch and play but all I get from the hack is a login required message. I’ve tried to LSrestart, respring, uninstall the hack and reinstall, disable and enable again through iCleaner Pro but nothing gets the mod menu to work as it should. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Seems to be having an issue... Usually there’d be a login prompt to launch the hack menu but there’s only the pop up saying that I NEED to login, without ever asking for my credentials or telling me successfully logged, any idea why?
  4. @Joka doesn’t work well on v3.31 at all, could you update it to work on the newest version please?
  5. Some more great information, thanks!
  6. So Far So Good ! Looking forward to learning.
  7. Could you update this to app version 3.0 please? but great work! Thanks for the hack either way
  8. Congratulations! I haven’t been active much both on here and on that game for a while, but it’s a great solo game with these hacks haha. I once crashed my horse stats somehow and I had to reset my whole game to zero... I can’t remember quite how I screwed it up, I think it was related to the unlimited energy hack that I attempted to use on my horse and went in negative billions, would’ve taken me days, if not weeks, to get it back to neutral or positive balance with grains... Always feed your horse normally, so you don’t have to reset to 0. If you do get your horse, you can run around with it, use the split unlimited item hack to feed it continuously, so you can train it very fast!
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