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  1. ZAROS

    ios 13.1.2

    He did post the same contentless topic more than once though.
  2. You don't seem to be well informed about what jailbreaking is or the benefits it has. As for your search criteria, you can use the Search Tool and specify what kind of result you want. Jailbroken hacks have greater access to hacking tools, priority listing and can also bypass cheat detection systems & much more. You may notice that most jailbroken hacks have much more hacked content vs jailed (non-jailbroken) ones. It is also possible that you may be unsuccessful when trying to find non-jailbroken hacks but instead only find jailbroken versions instead, or vice-versa.
  3. Checkra1n (checkm8 exploit based jailbreak) will be released soon, Upon it’s release, your iPhone will be jailbreakable. It may be a matter of days or weeks before it’s released though.
  4. Great hack ! @Joka Just to let you know though, the "No Ammo Cost" doesn't work, as it simply says "Unlimited" and prevents me from purchasing any ammo at all. Also changes the High Damage Bullets to "0 For 0$" so ... you gotta use a handgun or else you'll have no gun to shoot with. But for the other features, kudos!
  5. Hello mate, Feel free to join the VIP Club, you won't get restrictions like that and you get access to some more great perks! If you're jailbroken, you'll be more than grateful that you've switched over to VIP, it's worth the couple of bucks. For some more information: https://iosgods.com/topic/92593-perks-of-being-a-vip-member-on-iosgodscom/
  6. UPDATE: I've found an article posted by X site (not going to source or link as to not break the forum rules), but I've found an interesting dialogue between axi0mX and two other persons. He shares some more insights concerning the Checkm8 exploit and it has answered my questions nicely. I'll share the dialogues in spoilers. Here's the main part; answers to my questions. Here's the full "interview" If anyone digs a minimum on Google, they might find themselves successful at finding the original blog, but this is pretty much the whole content of the conversation. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have!
  7. I’ve considered that possibility, but since we’d have been to switch iOS versions without shsh restrictions I really wonder if whether or not it’d remain without the exploit. But then, will we be able to reboot the device normally without the exploit once it has been done for a first time and thus, without resetting it?...
  8. Hello guys, I'd like to share some thoughts on the upcoming jailbreak (most-likely Checkra1n) based on the Checkm8 bootrom exploit affecting A7-A11 devices. First of all, from my researches I've found some information stating that Checkra1n will be a thetered jailbreak, for those who do not know, this mean you'll need a computer every time you need to reboot your iDevice. And from some articles, it mentions that we'll be able to downgrade or upgrade to different iOS versions without requiring Shsh Blobs, kind of an digital signature from Apple. I've been thinking, and this is where I'd like some opinions and thoughts from the community, Since Checkra1n will most-likely be a thetered jailbreak, but should allow you to switch to another iOS version, Do you guys think it'd be possible to jailbreak using Checkra1n, switch to the iOS version to iOS 12.4 and then jailbreak with Unc0ver, in the goal of achieving a semi-unthetered jailbreak? I'd like some thoughts on this topic which aren't mine! Thank you all.
  9. @DADi the full version download page is access prohibed, even for a ViP+ . I could find it cracked online but correcting this may help some other users.
  10. I’ve given it a quick try and yet I’m unable to tell what you mean by “Cool Stuff”... What’s it actually?
  11. Hello everyone, My name's Mike and I'm from Canada. I stumbled across this site only recently (more or less a month) and I've been deeply enjoying my experience thus far with this community. I have an iPhone 8 Plus, which is sadly jailed (v12.4.1). But even though I'm limited in my actions, I still enjoy the benefits that iOSGODS provides to its users. VIP Plus and IG App+ are totally worth the couple of bucks. I haven't been into jailbreaking and rooting (android) for years now, so this is almost as new to me as it once was, therefore I'll be learning every day from this wonderful community. I plan on beginning to learn some more about the coding and hacking iOS some time later, and hopefully will develop some interesting hacks for this community to give back what I've been granted to have thus far. You'll probably see me around the forum, if there's anything or if you guys would like to chat some more, there's always PMs enabled! On this note, thank you all and see you around!
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