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  1. The thing that really gets me hyped is the ability to test tweaks and stuff on a jailbroken device without the chance of actually losing the JB with a loop or something.
  2. Corellium is a VM for iOS, it is said to simulate a Full iOS iPhone, which is not something that has been done before. They have "features" as: - Run any iOS version - On-demand thread list & kernel backtrace - Optional jailbreak for any version - Web-Based debugging - "And much more" screenshot for a reason, I cant edit the inside of the spoiler, open screenshot and scroll to the bottom.
  3. Request Motorsports Manager Mobile 2

  4. What's your favourite TV Shows

    I don't blame you. I also miss Glen.
  5. soo... https://corellium.com/ Request while you can if interested "Want to be one of the first developers in the world to test on a virtualized iPhone? Reserve your invite now at http://corellium.com ." ~ @Corellium k bai Edit: oh and i should credit reddit
  6. General iOS Emulator!! [ONLINE]

  7. What's your favourite TV Shows

    lucifer ? walking dead ? umm... yeah...
  8. General iPhone disabled :( Please Help! lol

    o sh!t sorry fam
  9. Giveaway 100 Millions Coin 8 POOL

    I still got some cash from back then.
  10. Giveaway 100 Millions Coin 8 POOL

    This post made me remember the time flux f**ked 8 ball pool coins. good days, good days.
  11. Giveaway 100 Millions Coin 8 POOL

    Yes. Please.
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