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  1. On the Back Up App Data section, can I choose to backup only the app’s data? When i backup with the method from tutorial it always backup the entire phone’s data, which take quite long time and a lot of memory on computers.
  2. Guys, I want to start learning to play CTF( I mean capture the flag in cyber security). The question is how to start? Most tutorials I found said that it should be started by playing a lot of ctf on site, like picoCTF and CTF101. But, after I have tried for a while, I still not understand how to solve them although I learned from solution guides. The quizzes seem to use various techniques. so… -how to start learning? -do I need to have knowledge about any computer language? -which category( such Web exploitation, Cryptography, General skills) should I start?
  3. In addition, enemies in hero’s tower also have no CD.
  4. Apple doesn’t allow the app which loaded by Sideloadly to connect to Game Center.
  5. Thank u, my fault, I didn’t update the sidelodly to 0.16.1 .
  6. Hi, I’m using ipad Air(3rd generation, ios 4.2). When I downloaded apps via sideloady, they’re always crash on opening. (I tried to download various apps, they’re all same crash) . however, I can download and run them normally on my iphone6+ (Ios 12.4.9) using the same Apple ID. ,thank for ur attention.
  7. I use iPad Air(3rd gen, ver. 13.7) downloaded terraria 1.4 via Sideloady. There’s no any problems n opening the app. But when it asked “terraria want to use iosgods.com to sign in” , after choosing “continue“ it will pop the iosgod.com website and suddenly disappear, remaining the freezing game screen( the game isn’t respond but the sound of the game is continuous normally).
  8. The text “Rental agreement expires in.....” Show when i open the game anyone know if it countdown till end? Or how to fix it?
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