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  1. There are a couple of possibilities: 1) You're not logged into your iosgods account in which case the hack will not be working. 2) The hack did not install right for you. 3) Kefir patched it in which case the hack will not be working not only for you but for everyone else. ~ I just checked it and I couldn't buy anything so I'm guessing they patched it.
  2. Guess you don't know, ok, how should I put this? Yes, you have progress connected to your game center/google play store, but what you don't know if I remember correctly is you can connect a new progress to your game center/google play store. I just forgot how to do it exactly.
  3. Is there no way past the "generatingapplicationmap"? because of this I can't access all of the hacks especially the open loot box get 10k free
  4. I'm not sure if it's only me, but after installing this and restore my data it works fine and all, but I noticed that my account isn't connected anymore is this just me or are other people like this and if so will this affect my progress? - scratch that seems like I just had to close restart the came and my account is connected again
  5. even if it is out, if you don't know anything about the recent update of 1.7.2 although I am not sure if its the same for IOS the recent release from kefir is that the game has a lot of major problems so I don't even think that they should update the hack some people lost their accounts, screens are not loading properly, don't update if you can help it. at least until some stuff have been fix
  6. I read somewhere that one of the possibilities of this happening is if you crafted something that you shouldn't have like something unreleased. Did this happen after you installed or when you crafted something you shouldn't have? If it's the former I don't know what to say but if its the latter I think the best you can do is make a new game because I think the game will be permanently stuck If I recall correctly.
  7. I'm stuck at "generatingapplicationmap" using an old ipad gen 4 so I'm using the x32 version of the IPA. The ipad is up-to-date to version 10.3.3 of the IOS version can somebody help me I don't know what's wrong or what to do?
  8. When I use this hack and I connect it will it save my account progress? If I delete the hack and install the game without the hack will I be able to restore the progress from it or will it be different? P.S. Forgot to mention I used cydia impactor so basically using the non-jailbroken hack
  9. it works now didn't notice you re-updated the 1.7.1 though I ended up losing my progress cause I wasn't connected I guess. thanks guess its back to the grind
  10. Yup, I'm definitely crashing too somethings wrong. Using an Ipad mini IOS 11.2.1 and it keeps crashing on me.
  11. if you haven't noticed that the actual game in the app store is updated to 1.7.1 the hack currently is for 1.7.0 Also the link sends you to the download page it's there at the bottom screen its hard to notice at first but its the "download now" button at the center bottom. It's very light so you will need to look at it carefully to see some people don't notice this.
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