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  1. @DanYal I Have hard times downloading this IPA, I keep getting the " Oops something went wrong with this download.. " ? Any fix ?
  2. And who are you to talk in the name of all the users enjoying theses features ? You can't be serious, especially by using Comic-sans as a font. If you bought a VIP pass to whine just let it go. Theses Targaryens always trying to f*ck off the fun out of people out there. And just because of your hatefull greedy message, i'm ready to make a donation worth 2 times what you've paid for your VIP. Or even better, collect 1 dollar from everyone in this thread and give em to iOsgods.com That's worth x20 what you've painfully paid. My very best regards,
  3. Thanks for the update @DiDA but for the moment, IosDDL can't stand the mass downloads, it's almost impossible to download it. I have 200m fiber and it says 3 hours left lol A Mega link would be amazing !
  4. To anyone having the same issue, iFound a potential fix to this, > Start with the official app, Pass the tutorial, and restore with the Modded .ipa
  5. @Joka Thanks but it’s stuck on the tutorial after we have to choose the special attack ! Button greyed out
  6. Yeah, when you launch the game, it downloads additionnal data and the version becomes And the cheat stop working
  7. @Amuyea When i try to install via impactor, i have an error for both versions at the verification " internal error " and it doesn't install
  8. @Amuyea I think there a new update live, would be appreciable if you can handle this for us poor mortals ! Many thanks for your time and efforts.
  9. Well, It's a money well invested...That means it helps me get more incomes. its not like i'm throwing money just to get fancy renders, and if i found a cracked version online, you know how its gonna end
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