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  1. I appreciate Admins are busy and I'm being patient. I'm buying another phone and I'd like to activate it with iOSGods. Sorry for the bump, if you could spare a moment I'd be grateful.
  2. Hello, My subscription is coming to an end shortly and I'm purchasing a new phone soon but am unable to use Paypal (I'm currently fighting a bill and they've frozen my account), is there any other payment option for me? Perhaps Mastercard? Thank you in advance and keep up the great work
  3. Ok I have no idea if anyone is going to read this, I paid the small amount to get basic vip even though I really could not afford it. I have posted a few times but have never seen a response, your chat box wont let me talk (vip should include this at least), and whatever it is that you do to add your intrusive icon to programs causes problems, it is an interference plain and simple it serves no 'useful' purpose to keep on screen. I have also, via screen time, disabled safari altogether. Apparently your interface doesnt like that either. I sincerely hope this input provides useful, it took me some time to touch type this (w/one finger). Until the dependency on safari, a means to make that iosgods icon go away, and an easier way to bug report are available I'm going to look elsewhere. I'll still use my account but won't bother anyone anymore posting. Take care. PS LDOE, cannot leave home base, hangs on loading screen.
  4. I'm going to do this point form to make it easier. Apologies in advance if this isn't the right section, I will address this as well. - Please add direct link from every app page to it's relevant post on the forums for bug reporting, etc. - Please modify search engine within app to stop clearing search criteria when trying to modify. - Bug reporting is a key function, even just one link on the websites main page would be helpful. * On another note (and I suspect this isn't an isolated incident), it seems some apps that when modified to work by iOSGods, seem to lose the ability to use GameCenter to save/restore settings. Case in point : Last Day On Earth. Version provided here gives error when trying to connect (makes playing worthless), but get that same version elsewhere and by the same author without iosgods interface and you can restore sessions perfectly. Also please consider hiding the iosgods icon completely after the initial button press, sometimes it interferes with gameplay and is difficult to move to completely out of the way, or at least a user option to do so (a hide me button perhaps?). Lastly, please add (spell it out don't just use colors etc) account level to users profiles with start/end dates and direct ability to update/upgrade. Please, move to appropriate area if necessary. Thank you in advance. Wewpt P.S. I am a VIP member (not +), but forums list me as a member not VIP, is this correct?
  5. Am I ever going to get any sort of help with this at all? Just checked again, looks like its fixed. This site etc is a great idea, but the communication and support options are quite limited. The site layout is (in my opinion) crowded and not well laid out. User accounts need to list the specific groups they are currently in (vip,vip+,etc) on the main page of the profile (why isnt a users status not listed?). Anyways thank you to the powers that be for fixing, I hope my input is helpful.
  6. I suppose I may need as well... Isn't there a perm link to the download? I for one find myself reinstalling regularly and had assumed the links never timed out...
  7. dHello, I am a VIP user and recently received an email with an updated link for the iOS app. When I recently tried installing a game (Wasteland something...) and it literally hung while downloading (round timer wheel constantly spinning, all buttons greyed), I uninstalled the app and tried to reinstall but after the profile is downloaded and I try to install it, it hangs on the webpage, after the page loads.. Help please P.S. The iosgods profile is also currently 'not verified'.
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