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  1. Oh, so that's "clout" then, tbh i didn't know what that was. And no, i didn't post the video because i wanted you to post it, i just made that video yesterday because i was bored and i feel like sharing it in here (cause its your hack). In fact thats the only video i got in that channel. It was just a comment and thats it.
  2. "That's what everyone want". Actually you're right, that explains why you can't have your own ideas and Just added a popular song 😅.
  3. >"Less cringy video" >You added pewdiepie's disstrack as a background music. lmao okay sure 😅🤣
  4. Lmao did you realize that i didn’t share any info about the hack on the video.....?? 🤣
  5. Hey! @DiDA @busmanl30 I made a kinda parody-hacking video using this hack. It’s up on YouTube. You can use it on the post if you want to. Should i add the site and the link in the video description? @DiDA
  6. I just wanted to say this is probably the best hack for C-ops so far! It's soooooo OP and fun to play with 😂 Thank you! You did a great job dude! @busmanl30 Hopefully we can see more features in the future! btw, i see a lot of comments complaining about the new hitbox (always headshot), in my opinion i love it. Don't change it to the old one, this is waaaay better than the old one.
  7. New version of C-ops was released today! Only charms are working at the moment, nothing else. Could you guys please update? thank you! @DiDA @busmanl30
  8. Finally i can now be sure when its safe to hit da pusseey
  9. Thanks! How much aimbot do i need to set in order to work properly?
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