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  1. This is my same exact issue and I can stand by you on this problem. I don’t even remember updating the iOSGods App+ itself but it must have self updated. The iOSGods App+ version I have is 0.5.8 and I don’t know if I was on 0.5.7 where I had no issues but it was originally working for me two weeks ago.
  2. Hello, I purchased iOSGods App+ awhile back and I never received an email of confirmation but when I went to https://install.iosgods.com I was able to install the iOSGods App+ without receiving email confirmation. Oddly enough I managed to install apps and go right inside of them. There wasn’t any certificate to trust because with VIP I provided my UDID. I removed the iOSGods App+ And installed it again to see if that would fix issues but it didn’t. Basically what happens is i attempt to install any app on the iOSGods App+ and when i hit install i never get a pop up window. If I was revoked I was not aware because I didn’t get an email stating I was. I hope I don’t have to pay for VIP again as i only able to use it for short period of time and then out of nowhere i just randomly cant install any app on iOSGods App+. Hopefully I can have some assistance. Thank you.
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