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  1. have youll ever played GaiaOnline.com? well its a RP game for computer but not to long ago they came out with an app called "Gaia on the go" could we get a "Gaia on the go" non-jailbroken hacked ipa for this made????? PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!! if youll make that and it run on my iphone 12.1.3 then ill most defiantly be going for ViP. thanks even make it ViP accesable only so you know that no lying is involved.
  2. Also! For users who’s Cydia impactor reads an error, first before you try and make a forum about it not working or installing your IPA’s. If your email address has periods or anything extra then numbers or letters try going to appleid.apple.com and login to your Apple ID account. Then, scroll down alittle and find security. -In the security tab go to specific app password and click generate password! -once generated make the label Id anything you’d like it doesn’t really matter on that. -Then click enter and it’ll generate a random password for you. -copy that password. -paste it in the password part of Cydia impactor with your apple email that you use for it and try again and see if you still get an error. Before you try this password tho make sure to revoke the last app you tried downloading and try it with the new password instead. For some reason this works for me and installs about 90% of the time. for some reason having periods or irregular stuff in your email wont load in Cydia impactor as an Apple ID but doing. It as described above makes it work for me. i hope I explained it well enough to help you’ll out if you got this problem to!! Thanks guys!
  3. So wait! Is the app suppose to be up and running now? Or is this the update for the app thatll be coming in the near future? -Thanks DiDA for all the hard work you and your team is putting into all this and the support you all give to *ALL* members including your non-VIP. You guys don’t cut us short just cause we decided to run off the free sections but there are so many it’s like no one is left out!! -Wish all other sites would see sh!t that way but they only got you if you pay🤦‍♂️ -Thanks DiDA and the crew behind IOSGods! Yall doing great! Keep this sh!t up.
  4. Hell yeah!! Sounds great but can I ask what this newer method of installing them is? Other then Cydia impactor because even though I do it through that, my apps then forclose every 2minutes or so... Does it have to do with my phone no being updated to the latest version of iOS?
  5. Tried the Cydia impactor way and the app needed to update but couldn’t because it was from iOS gods and not the App Store why is that? Ps. The game was pubg if that makes any diffrence.
  6. Ayeeee!! Happy birthday dude🎉 I hope it’s a good one, what’s your favorite game so far?
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