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  1. This is common issue when you are using sideloadly with a free Apple ID on latest iOS. Either you use a paid Apple ID or App+
  2. I had joined since 2014 too. I always love this site. 🥰
  3. Great job @Noctisx Just here to say you are awesome. Count me out for this give-away. There are others who deserve your giveaway.
  4. Because some of them have spend money on it. Don't give them false hope. They have banned more than 50K of player using anti cheat. You really think anti ban cheat will work on their server.
  5. Don't think there will be anti ban for it. MiHoYo is big China company. Their anti cheat system will run even you close your game. They also posted it in their China forum. https://bbs.mihoyo.com/ys/article/1849539 in Chinese. English translation.
  6. This is posted in the Genshin Impact reddit. Dear Travelers, We have received feedback from some players that when opening Genshin Impact on PC, the game's anti-cheat program will automatically run in the background, and that the anti-cheat program will continue to run after exiting or uninstalling the game. We have looked into this issue and would like to clarify the following: After closing the game, the anti-cheat program only reads system information; it does not process, save, or upload information in any way whatsoever. After closing the game, the anti-cheat program continues to run in order to prevent the use of certain external plug-ins that operate when the game is closed; this is to help protect the fairness of Genshin Impact for all players. **MiHoYo has anti cheat system to check for hacker daily.
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