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  1. Check if the “hack” file have something like .theos / packages file and delete them
  2. You can edit the topic and type what you want i will make video now
  3. - Requirements Flex 3 beta Any terminal for iOS : am using NewTerm Theos iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS. - Tutorial's Content 1. Using any (iOS) Terminal (we'll be using NewTerm for this tutorial), login as root and Run This command: /var/theos/bin/nic.pl My theos is in /var so it may be deferent from yours 2. Now search for iphone/tweak number mine is 10 it will give you some commands and you will make for names for them project name : soud (don't worry you can change later) package name : com.soud3mk501.com Author/Maintainer Name : soud [iphone/tweak] mobileSubstrate bundle filter : skip or hit enter [iphone/tweak] list of applications to terminate: skip or hit enter 3. Now open filza or any other file manger and go to were the hack has put (mine is /User/soud) now go to makefile file and paste this: export THEOS=/var/theos Then delete all tweak.x/xm inside and save 4.Now open Flex 3 beta and go to patches and hit + and go to the app you want : you should start with vpn,or subscription app like cute cut>add units>Cute cut>And search for : -(bool) and random type is vip / is pro / pro / vip / premium And if you found the correct patch then go to Filza and open the tweak.x file and type: %hook "target class" "target method" { return TRUE; } %end 1 more thing use BundleIDsXI to know the app “com.app.com” in .plist 4. Open new term again sign as root and type this commands : cd "file name" so make the root in the "file hack" then run this command make package when it finish without any problem run: make package install it will restart your device if not theres problem with the tweak.x you can make help&support topic now if worked when you open cydia you will notice there is tweak installed now go to “hack file” and enter packages file and you got the .deb file Credits: @Soud3mk501
  4. Maybe a problem from the hack send message to author to update the hack
  5. In your service Use my other solo vpn hack if it keep crashing the problem from you
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