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  1. @joka it’s alright they just don’t have to play with their main acc, cause u know I can’t jailbreak my phone so I can’t hack no more uwu @Joka
  2. @Joka do u think u can update the non jailbroken critical ops hack in this December?
  3. @Joka ya I’m just asking, cause ya know u make u update ur hack fast so I was wondering u know
  4. 😆😆🙃, when Is the non jail broken hack gonna be out you know can’t be check site all the time 😂 @Joka
  5. Okii, it’s kinda hard to explain but ehh :)), if u can’t join anyroom on ur account then there is nothing u can do to get it back unless the dev un server side u, but u can prevent your self from the server side , after u install Critical Ops hack pass tutorial and before u click play turn on airplane mode on and click the home button when u in ur home screen turn off the airplane mode and install any VPN and connect to it and go back to critical Ops and click play and u should be good to go join anyroom u can, hehe might be wondering how a girl know all this 😜 @Joka
  6. @Jokaidk if I may ask but can u pls bring back non jail broken critical ops hack :))
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