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  1. Hey everyone, new guy here! I'm trying to get a full version of Cytus 2 on Android. Basically this game resists anything you throw at it. I have tried Freedom, Lucky Patcher and some others, but they don't work. I also tried "modded apks" on google, but none is actually modded. The game seems to have a defense method in which it detects an ilegal purchase, and when it does it shows a pop up and just closes the app. When you re-open the game, the iap usually are not unlocked. I got it to work once, but after opening and closing the game, the iaps were gone again. I have tried with almost all the versions of the game, and Lucky Patcher/other apps like that won't work. So I thought about cracking the game myself, and making an apk with the paid items unlocked (dlc characters), only thing is that I don't know where I should be looking for and stuff. I have decompiled the apk, but besides that I'm pretty lost... By the way, I use a rooted Huawei P9 Lite, and before the game didn't open when I had Xposed installed. I ended up uninstalling that and switching to Magisk, that way I could avoid root detection from the app. At first it gave me a security error and crashed after a few minutes (same thing than when I use Lucky Patcher to make a fake iap) and I thought that it was caused by the game recognising root access, but the crashes stopped when I uninstalled Lucky Patcher from my phone, so I guess root wasn't the problem... Any tips from people that know about apk cracking? Edit: My idea is that the different iaps are booleans in game, so if I turn a certain boolean to true, it would be unlocked. There obviously could be another way to do this, but I'm hoping it's this one, as it would make cracking the game way easier. On the other hand, the game was made on unity, so I've seen that there are multiple .asset files, which are unity files. I'm pretty sure these files are not the ones I'm looking for, as they are assets, not code. I'll be checking some more stuff, see if I find the piece of code that contains the info on iaps. Okay, found a file called globalgamemanagers, which seems to be "The One". There's a bunch of stuff on each character. The problem I have is that it doesn't have any extention. Opening it on the windows notepad shows a bunch of random stuff, opening it on notepad but with a japanese locale emulator shows that the file contains kanji I think. I also tried opening the file on Visual Studio, and I got a bunch of collumns to the left with hexadecimal numbers I think, and the last column is the one that shows stuff about the characters, I'll add a few pictures. This one is without locale: This one is with locale: This one is on Visual Studio:
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