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  1. The last code on list, Flying. Doesn’t seem to work. Every time I search i32 1 I get no results to batch. If I tweak range I get results, but after batch pubg crashes. Is this old code?
  2. HEY! It’s been a day or two since I last checked in. I found a paid vip hack over at No Advertising Allowed!dotcom! 20 bucks for a month, but it comes with the first antiban I’ve seen that works! Built in dlg cheat engine with preloaded/built in codes! Automatic NO Recoil! Built in XRAY SLIDER! GODS PERSPECTIVE/SKY WALKING! Code FASTER JEEP! Code RAPID FIRE FOR 2 rifles! Code Working Antenna! Code Ignore Enemy Body Armor! Code aoe headshot aoe bodyshot and more! I actually tried the chams and the antenna code I provided here, and they worked great without any ban! I prefer this old antenna over the one included in ipa. Totally worth it! It’s a good hassle for a few hours to set up if your learning like me, but it pays off when you finally have all your cheats, and they work, and you don’t get banned! Try it out
  3. That happened to me too! That happens if you keep activating and deactivating cheats inside menu. At least for me it did. I just keep My cheats enabled at all times, I don’t even touch them anymore. And it doesn’t crash as long as I’m not switching them on and off. Normally the enemy size cheat will crash game if you click it too much. I only use enemy size hack occasionally as the antenna igg code is better in my opinion!
  4. ok so as far for igg saying app dead, do this. Kill all apps in background run pubg until you’re in lobby wait there a few seconds then press home button to exit pubg, click on pubg, press home to exit app, then open again. I repeat this like three times to make sure pubg is staying open, then I run igg as normal. After that pubg should die anymore. As far as the iOS gods login not showing up, I wouldn’t be too sure. I’m sorry!
  5. You have to use speedy bullet with magic bullet to register hits!
  6. This will at least let you access guest and use a new Facebook account. At least this has been my experience, apperantly it can vary allot I’m sharing what works for me I hope it can work for you too. So I didn’t know that pubg had two different folders besides the one in bundle. This is what I did Wiped pubg cache with appsmanager, just because idk, I wanted to be sure. I deleted 2 folders. With filza. (The second folder is the one I recently came across). /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/PUBG MOBILE & /private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/PUBG MOBILE i wiped pubg cache again. After this, I went to home screen and uninstalled pubg. I reboot my device, and now i install clean version again. now I start pubg as normal and click either Facebook or guest and I no longer got ban message preventing me from proceeding. TIP: if this works for you, go to the same locations from above now that you have a clean install that’s working, and make back ups of both folders. If you ever get banned just wipe cache, replace folders with back ups. Instead of reinstalling app. Takes a few seconds vs a few minutes. let me know if this works for you!
  7. See my response to Lkim39. Tell me if that worked for you. It did for me and I was having harder time than usual bypassing ban.
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