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  1. Wouldn’t know, I simply use AppsManager to clear the cache and it seems to be sufficient as my ban goes away
  2. cokernutx App Store has one for the 0.11.0 but just started getting detected. Cokernutx.com has what seems to be one of the best free 0.11.0 hacks with cheat engine but I can’t get the game to load past blue hole. Top store vip finally updated the same ipa hack 0.11.0 but for some reason I can’t get it to load either. I found a private hacker who sells 2 month for 40. No recoil, aimbot, no grass tree or rock, and antiban system. I’m mainly intersted in the antiban, with antiban we can use all codes again message me I can send you email for the guy selling hack
  3. I only have white, or black chams. I use black chams as the antenna turns black as well, makes it easier to see enemies in the sky, also a heck of allot easier to see planes and drops compared to white! Just batch all to -10 instead of 9999 or whatever it was. It’ll be black characters. Believe me, I tried finding other colors but no success. It seems color chams are only available to pc and android users. Agreed! I started running into ban using that specific mb code
  4. Yes, pubg came back ruthless after new 0.11.5 update 😪 I have a huge updated list of tested and working igg codes, but they will cause ban. Right now, we need real anti ban. Who has one? I tried walking hell to no luck. I don’t think it’s the specific codes. I still use them without issue. I think pubg is catching onto the whole cheat engine. We need a good anti ban to solve this issue. And I hate anti bans as they hardly ever work.
  5. The last code on list, Flying. Doesn’t seem to work. Every time I search i32 1 I get no results to batch. If I tweak range I get results, but after batch pubg crashes. Is this old code?
  6. HEY! It’s been a day or two since I last checked in. I found a paid vip hack over at No Advertising Allowed!dotcom! 20 bucks for a month, but it comes with the first antiban I’ve seen that works! Built in dlg cheat engine with preloaded/built in codes! Automatic NO Recoil! Built in XRAY SLIDER! GODS PERSPECTIVE/SKY WALKING! Code FASTER JEEP! Code RAPID FIRE FOR 2 rifles! Code Working Antenna! Code Ignore Enemy Body Armor! Code aoe headshot aoe bodyshot and more! I actually tried the chams and the antenna code I provided here, and they worked great without any ban! I prefer this old antenna over the one included in ipa. Totally worth it! It’s a good hassle for a few hours to set up if your learning like me, but it pays off when you finally have all your cheats, and they work, and you don’t get banned! Try it out
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