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  1. ill suck ya off til the back my throat rubbed off, T. 😎
  2. The instructions are in the op and if it not working properly you either have to troubleshoot or inform the developers. You won't get an answer randomly
  3. What do you mean about the IP and port issue? The Pubsafe.exe IP and port given should be a reflection of the local (intranet/LAN) assigned address of the pc being used for the proxy tool. This is to ensure that your traffic is proxied through that local addressed, and, assuming here, resolved through the network on that PC. Meaning - you will be expecting to use the same IP and port from the tool minus you changing something with your network, or settings on the network/PC being used. VPNs and other variables can affect this to my knowledge (having a vpn running and perhaps your local machine is being hidden by the service) but for all intents and purposes you really just need to make sure the application is given access through your PC and network firewalls and not allow the pc being used to have an interruption of connection
  4. There's been a strong wave going on - tencent is constantly adding server side checks for data manipulation and/or non authentic client information DLG codes are certainly not useless though. I'd say using a code to speed the game/movement speeds as well as high aim assist + "sit on air" crouch code is one of the more obvious and easy ways to be reported yet I'm running just fine winning chicken dinners WITHOUT that zone2 bullsh!t that people swear is the only method currently
  5. Assuming you are properly using the tool and setting up per instructions on the original thread, you will be connected to the proxy as long as your connection doesn't drop on the PC you're using. Also, you must not let the pc go to sleep or hibernate or any other feature that would disrupt the connection on the PC being used If your PC does power off, sleep, or any other network disruption, you will no longer be properly protected and are exposed to a significantly easier Anti-Cheat detection. No recoil is a good way to have the app hack detected so hopefully they don't reintegrate it into releases unless this is remedied
  6. Do some google fu for DLG codes youre looking for but to reinsert a toggle/built-in recoil mod would be right back to banning accounts in the login page/at the lobby immediately lol
  7. Clearly you don't read the disclaimer of what unhides content. It's not right to post as if the OP is broken/incorrect when it is you just sh!tposting for link unlock
  8. What are you referring to? You can use the tool without jailbreak - but the bypass/fixes offered below the link and instructions is for JB devices only. You'll have to reinstall a different bundle titled IPA/reset network settings/reset all available identifiers from settings on iPhone.
  9. The solution is to be more inconspicuous and not haphazardly get reported and banned with low level throwaway accounts - probably without any form of dissuasion/obscuring your identity in anyway using VPN/proxy/alternate DNS servers from automatic ISP assigned, etc..
  10. Being wreckless won't ever have a bypass Well you are kinda why the sh!t gets you banned because you oughta thoroughly follow instructions and don't eb a jackass
  11. God has forsaken me with this hog

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