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  1. Hi @Rook can You update Your deb please when You have the Time my friend thank you very much for all regard
  2. Please everyone say thank you to @Rook, it doesn't cost anything and that's the least of it, a big thank you to you 🙏 Rook
  3. Hi @Rook can You update Your deb please my friend thank you for all 🙏
  4. Hi @Rook Can You update Your .deb please, the version 2.14 is out Thank you very much for all 👍👍
  5. Checka1n don’t work with iPhone 11 pro🤷‍♂️ Thank you very much @Rook thank you for all 🙏
  6. Hi @Rook It's possible when You have the time update this .deb 🙏 please thank you so much for all regards
  7. Hi @Rook it’s Possible you update your.deb please ? the version 2.12 is out 🤷‍♂️ Sorry please thank you for all
  8. Hi @DanYal Do you have a new mode to add to the dragon ball legends.deb file, I saw on another site that I will not mention that on Android it activates the rising rush all the time in the menu, is that what is it possible to add this option on this .deb please? sorry for my english, it is not very good, thanks for what you do and your work
  9. Hi @DanYal can You update Your .deb please , the version 2.8.1 is out that morning . thank You for all
  10. Hi @DanYal can You update Your .deb please Thank You for all 😊
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