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  1. So I'm basically a newbie in this and I haven't been jailbreaking or rooting my phones for years now and a lotta things have changed since then. So my favorite game to play right now is TWD: No Man's Land and I was searching for hacks for that game and I cannot seem to find anything on a non-rooted or jailed phone. I tried with lucky patcher as well but it's also not working, so, I was wondering if anyone of you good fellows could help me with a hack for that game, prefferably for Android or if you can point me to a safe rooting program/app/website for my android since I don't really wanna jailbrake my current iPhone. I would really appreciate your help guys!
  2. Hi there! I'm looking for a Mortal Kombat X Mobile (Android) hack for Koins and Souls but that I can still play online. Is there any kind of hack like that? I found one with unlimited koins and souls but it's only single player, no fun in that am i right? If there is any hack like that I would gladly like to know! Thanks!
  3. You have to change your time/date in order to accelerate the fuel/energy recharg.
  4. I know Counter-Strike 1.6 is a little bit old but there are thousands of players still playing this game to this very day and even more are joining. There are also a lot of people looking for hacks for CS 1.6 even today so that's why I have the best one for you - How to get it to work: Right-click on your Counter-Strike 1.6 icon Click on 'Properties' When the properties open, click on the 'Open File Location' button Place the opengl32.dll file in the folder that will open Voila, it's that simple - After you place it inside the CS 1.6 folder, open your Counter-Strike game and enter a server. Click on F1 on your keyboard to activate the WallHack. You have 3 different WallHacks and you can activate any one of them by clicking on the F1 button on your keyboard. - Download link for the wallhack and cs 1.6 are listed below. If you have any questions, please PM me right away! - P.S. I have my own CS1.6 server so join in and we can play sometimes -- IP: [Hidden Content]
  5. Lol some guy gave me this hack, i didn't bypass a survey lol
  6. That's what I said, I even made a topic with a poll but people were all like NOO
  7. I got this hack a while ago and I think you gamers out there will find it useful. Unlike others, this hack actually works and it gives you money in the game. How to use it: Open NFS World Go to free roam (exit your safehouse) Open the NFS World Hack Click on the button "INJECT" that you will find inside the hack Sit back and watch your money grow! Hope you guys like it! Download below: [Hidden Content] If you still don't own NFS World on your PC, you can download it for free from the official website: NFS World Download
  8. To everyone that is waiting a free artwork from me. Please bear with me because I'm really busy lately and I can't even find time to make artworks for my paying customers. Thank you for the understanding!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. OgreSnot


      There are just 3-4 people that wanted a design from me, but i will try to make all of them through the weekend :)

    3. Rook


      We have this progress bar BBCode which displays the amount of work done in a bar which you can customize :p

    4. OgreSnot


      Lol I didn't know that :D I will put it in use than :D

  9. Anyone wants an ello invitation?

  10. I'm not sure because I never played the game. If it's a game the hosts a custom server I think it's not going to work on that kind of game. If it's a game that hosts on your phone, than it's going to work.
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