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  1. Just gonna put it out here I don't use Drony anymore I always had to restart my phone after every battle so I gave up. I even have lots of errors on Proxy Droid but I deal with it. So if anyone has problems too, not much I can do only able to help set up the apps sorry
  2. There is no more haven't updated the Tut you just PM DiDA your IP address from the link on the 1st page and he'll add you to the list then everything is fine
  3. it's still not perfect but it works most of the time with force gpu 2d rendering on in system settings, developer options (at least for me it helped)
  4. Ya for error 4122 I had just always turn of the proxy as soon as it says round 3 or before you defeat last enemy just before now loading to the result page shows up
  5. No problem I'm glad to help anytime I can I might of jinxed it I still got the error again but it is less frequent at least so it's not a permanent fix
  6. check my latest message in the thread it should work if you're on android I'm pretty positive I was playing earlier I kept getting the issue then I found this while browsing tried it and I have not had any issues and it really does speed things up so it's 2x the greatness
  7. Alright I'm SOOOOO happy I just found this thread on reddit it's for boosting your speed/loading time on ffrk for Android However what I'm truly happy about is to report that by doing his I no longer get the Error Code 4088 follow these steps Settings > About Device / Phone > Build Number Tap Build Number section until countdown is done - enabled Developer Options Settings > Developer Options > Force GPU Rendering - enable Restart apps Enjoy a faster phone - more noticeable on games / image heavy apps If you just want to check out the full article here's the link https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRecordKeeper/comments/34zl98/for_those_who_experience_lag_through_menus_or/ Enjoy my friends I tried 8 levels not once did I have any error messages YAY
  8. Hahaha wow thanks for choosing my comment for the surprise even if I wasn't the one to claim it wasn't home but congrats anyways to +Jordankeay!
  9. No I still get this message constantly myself but I'm just soooo thankful you got it back up
  10. Well I pm'd you my IP thanks so much for this DiDA it's really appreciated I'm just glad I don't share it with my brother anymore so I know for fact my ip is not the cause if another breakdown. Can't wait to play in the morning yay
  11. Is it working? Cause I have not been able to even load mitm to try & reinstall the certificate for 5 days now I can't seem to get anything to work with the server I have re followed my guide to make sure I haven't forgotten anything, restarted my devices,restarted my routers nothing works T_T
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