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  1. the game is not modern combat 5. I can go and provide all proof required that it is the call of duty game that was in public beta back in december but was closed and now servers are "off" well for the public. but their is ways to bypass it so
  2. Hi guys just wanted to let you guys know the servers are definitely on for this game. I can play it right now too. Thought i would let you guys know. Proof
  3. Without him we would have no kernel exploit for 4.55. idk what your on saying he isn't liked.
  4. might not be in the PS4 Community but i know my stuff. I mod Xbox 360. I know my stuff so dont come say im not in the community as it doesnt change nothing
  5. Without a Kernel Exploit you cant. Webkit is userland only.
  6. To correct this You cannot bring a firmware under 5.50 (latest at the moment) online. So no you cannot mod online neither can you bring a retail (non jailbroken) PS4 on 4.55 online. The only way you can is by upgrading to latest firmware which means you cannot use the kernel exploit as it is patch. The only thing available is Webkit exploit which is userland only. We need a 5.50 kexploit (Kernel Exploit) then we could go online without it their is no way unless a bypass or something that allows us to go online is created. Not 100% sure about this but if he finds a 5.50 Kernel Exploit he will not release it until it is patched. If you dont know he is a known hacker for releasing PS4 exploits. He is also a known for his iOS 10 jailbreak.
  7. i would but i dont have them. I can but you wont be able to get them lol. (Modded Xbox 360)
  8. Hey guys, Thanks to Tihmstar for making a tweak that turns Home Depot into a untethered 9.1 - 9.3.4 Jailbreak for 32 bits. This supports the iPhone 4s on iOS 9.3.4 only at the moment! If you care about your device and dont want to restore dont try this! This can bootloop your device! DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK Instructions: (Assuming you are already Jailbroken with Home Depot) 1) Launch Cydia 2) Click on Sources 3) Press on Edit (Top Right Corner) 4) Press Add 5) Type in repo.tihmstar.net 6) Press Add Source 7) Press Return to Cydia 8) Tap on Search 9) Type in UntetherHomeDepot 10) Press Install (Top Right corner) 11) Press Confirm 12) After its done installing press Reboot/Respring/Return to Cydia (What ever it says! I dont have a iphone 4s on 9.3.4) Enjoy! Neither me our Tihmstar or whoever you want is responsible if you bootloop! Only you are!
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