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  1. @absoluT1on Everythjng is working great! I had a communication error last night but I’m pretty sure just don’t use iAP during a quest and it won’t glitch out on you. (I fixed it by just backing out the quest and restarting it) Also how much is the damage increased? It doesn’t seem like very much. Thank you and @DiDA for all of the hard work Gems do work it’s just going to crash your game each time, well at least for me. When you start it back up it should be reflected
  2. Ok I guess I’ll redownlod the app once I get home from work. I have the official app on my phone right now but it’s giving me the error. But I will try again and update this when I do
  3. Are you saying to download the official one from the AppStore and install the Deb? If so I already did that. If that’s not what you mean please explain
  4. Keep getting a communication error, I’m not sure if it’s just on my part though. IAP works tho. When I reconnected but after I kill or pick up something it goes directly to communication error
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