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  1. yeah for some reason its only working on consumeables & not guns here’s the guide for the hack:
  2. Game keeps freezing when i take my first few steps on second floor of Alfa bunker. Fix that works for me: restart game after it freezes. once it reloads, keep screen on travel map and go into settings then turn quality on low. Travel to a different location like Pine Wood and kill a few zombies, chop some trees, etc. Travel back to Alfa & go to 3rd floor then up to 2nd floor.
  3. Hello everyone! First of all I gotta say, going through this forum I see a lot of people who really know what they’re talking about and they’re so respectful to others at the same time its amazing. Anyways - My name is Cam and I’m pretty experienced with jailbreaking & rooting but I feel like I could learn a lot more from all of you. You’ll probably see me on a few threads in the near future so don’t be afraid to say hello! glad to be on here
  4. I was confused with my slider not working at first as well. Make sure you are tapping just above the slider after you adjust it, leaving a check mark in that box.
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