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  1. I cant reply to the topic with mobile legends, but I have have vip thought :(

    1. KyosukeNanbu


      You might be trying on the jailbroken version with your jailed vip. Try this link 


    2. Gaba111


      This one works for me, but i have jb and as far as I understand it is better to use the jb version as it is safer. I have rootless jb. Idk if this one will work good but it should in theory. I still can not reply to the jb topic, it actually makes no sense haha. As far as I understand my vip gives me access to jb mods, not non-jb. Please correct me if I am wrong. Sorry for stupid questions in advance, I am a new lad to the community. Cheers 

    3. KyosukeNanbu


      You have Jailed VIP. Not jailbreak vip. Thats why you can reply to that version and not the other. Please read the vip packages and what they offer because jailed vip package doesn’t give you access to the jailbreak vip section

    4. BionixPwn


      Just type reply 🤔! I’m joking! 

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